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Henry Strater to deliver the comedy

With the current political mood the way it is and with that onslaught of holiday cheer about...

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There’s going to be a ‘Tempest’ on the hill

The Fort Lewis College theater department is continuing its fall season with one of William...

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Comedian Sean Patton in Durango, one night only

Sean Patton’s brand of stand-up is story-centric, filled with lengthy and complicated...

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Where yoga and dance meet

There’s a lot more to yoga than just contorting yourself into pretzel-like poses: It...

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Tip a glass to O. Henry at the DAC

Spend Tuesday night celebrating Gilded Age author O. Henry as portrayed by actor and Fort...

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What is she – some kind of comedian?

In this season of political strife, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to laugh...

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Reprise!: Sarah Syverson brings back her one-woman show “The Secret Lives of the Divine”

In the one-woman show “The Secret Lives of the Divine,” Sarah Syverson plays 12...

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On making fun of tourists, being PC and Chacos at weddings

Dallas Gwynn isn’t shy about oversharing. Her stand-up comedy routines are...