Visual Arts

The coolest visual artists and issues in the Four Corners.

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Dramatic animal glamour shots

A new exhibition titled “Animalia” at Open Shutter Gallery showcases...

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Making art with The Wells Makery

Annie Brooks, founder of The Wells Makery, was raised by a family of traveling illustrators...

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Stroll along Durango’s Spring Gallery Walk

Taking a walk downtown usually means stopping in for a cup of coffee and doing a little window...

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Illustrations, weird and whimsical

Local illustrator Erin Camarca’s medium of choice is colored pencil, and the...

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Solo grrl takes on a mural

Danya Aletebi is the first woman to ever take on the Everyday Gas Station Mural Space on...

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A one night stand that won’t feel weird

One night stands can be messy with that awkward morning-after chitchat – assuming you...

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Join Studio & for a night of art, wine

Supporting and promoting local art in Durango ain’t cheap, and now it’s your...

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Public art ignites controversy, not to mention the economy

My favorite part of my bike commute down Florida Road is the roundabout at Chapman Hill. Sure,...