Visual Arts

The coolest visual artists and issues in the Four Corners.

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Jeremy Wade Shockley, adventurer and photojournalist: ‘I like to get off the beaten path’

Jeremy Wade Shockley is a self-taught photographer and award-winning photojournalist based out...

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Jewelry designer Janine Gibbons: ‘Everything inspires me’

When you walk into No Place Like Home, the first table you see is filled with beautiful,...

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A frenzy of gifts at Bizarre Bazaar

Go ahead, get your mom that novelty chips-and-salsa bowl. Or for your dear uncle you could...

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Love it or hate it: The Arc of History

Love it

They called it eyesore, an embarrassment, an abomination. Some said it looked...

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CTRL-A: A rock star who gives away his art

Over the course of interviewing people for a story this week, I found myself in a boot repair...

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Compensating creativity

How much do we value the people in our community who create? We live in a society where many...

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Tiny houses & creepy babies: Pushing the limits of creativity

Remember when you could do just one thing and be called a creative genius, one thing that we...

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crafts • man • ship

Living in small, efficient dwellings is nothing new for us human beings. We’ve been...