Visual Arts

The coolest visual artists and issues in the Four Corners.

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McCarson Jones, on photography as social work, intimacy and freedom

Ours is a generation obsessed with documenting lives. These days, everything is photographed,...

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Four reasons you should care about Ansel Adams

If you’re living in Durango, you probably love open vistas, ridges of snow-capped...

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Snowdown Fashion Do’s and Don’ts: Lurid colors, shoulder pads and short shorts - oh my!

This year’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts was a smorgasbord of scrunchies, neon...

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‘Site Unseen’ something to see at FLC art gallery

Artist Anna Hepler will open her show “Site Unseen: Anna Hepler” this weekend at...

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‘Irregularities’ at Durango Arts Center

One of the coolest things happening this weekend is the opening of...

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Painter Meredith Rose: ‘I know it sounds really hippie, but I’m a total hippie’

There is a refreshing new art exhibit up at the Steaming Bean. No grand, sweeping landscapes...

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Jeremy Wade Shockley, adventurer and photojournalist: ‘I like to get off the beaten path’

Jeremy Wade Shockley is a self-taught photographer and award-winning photojournalist based out...

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Jewelry designer Janine Gibbons: ‘Everything inspires me’

When you walk into No Place Like Home, the first table you see is filled with beautiful,...