Visual Arts

The coolest visual artists and issues in the Four Corners.

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Meow Wolf: What went fab their first year and what’s in the works

Is that a house or an amalgamation of wormholes leading to parallel dimensions?...

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I’ll say it again of mind-blowing Meow Wolf: You. Must. Go.

Editor’s note: This column originally appeared in the March...

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Road trips around Four Corners

Hey all you cool cats and road dogs, got your summer planned out? Does it include a road trip?...

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Tim Kapustka of Studio & talks FUN

“Even in the mud and scum of things, something always, always sings,” said Ralph...

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Free with the brush: Neal Ambrose-Smith talks contemporary Native American art

Native American art is more than crafts and ceremonial objects. On Friday, April 21,...

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The uncanny, enigmatic art of Minna Jain

Minna Jain’s art feels like the cipher...

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Get a heart-on at a pop-up art store

If you’re crazy in love, that paramour deserves a present for putting up with your S....

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Dialogue-inducing art during times of political turmoil

Walk into Studio & and you’ll be greeted by a subtle window sign that reads,...