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Vintage Durango: Elvis and the gospel

Elvis may have brought rock ’n’ roll to the masses with his wigglin’ hips...

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From the files of not normal: Can presidents get sued?

News you need to knowIn regard to a recent lawsuit about...

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Treating pets with cannabis

A young Golden Retriever is low energy. He’s not eating. He has cancer, and the chemo...

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Vintage Durango: WOWEE! Staring at women

Apparently, the Durango Herald used to run hard-nipped pics of women – because, I mean,...

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From the files of not normal: Jared Kushner is running the government

News you need to knowJared Kushner is President...

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From the files of not normal: Trump is a master of pettifogging

News you need to knowOn Monday, April 3, President Trump...

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“Do you have an appointment?”: Going to Planned Parenthood feels like a battle zone

Two men who appear armed walk toward my car. What does a gal do next?

The parking lot is...