Exploring and explaining legal marijuana in Colorado.

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Weed review: Snowdown CannaPunch Snow Cones

What is it

It’s a snow cone made with cannabis-infused punch with all the colors...

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Netflix and Chill: 420 Edition

’80s-themed Snowdown is upon us. This was a decade of big hair, loud colors and...

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Wana Hot Cocoa

What is it?

This is the perfect warm-you-up hot cocoa for those chilly Snowdown days. ...

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Lights, clones and seeds: More tips to get growing

Growing your own cannabis: So many questions, so little time. Next week’s going to be...

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High-ass recipe: High-aya

It’s rice, vegetables, meat and spices. It’s kind of like jambalaya with its...

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Secrets of a weed shop employee

People make wild assumptions about what goes on inside a weed shop. But it’s not the...

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Seeing Through the Smoke: Time to get dirty

Plant life here on planet Earth breaks down to four elements – light, soil, wind and...

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Netflix and Chill - 420 Edition: ‘Planet Earth’

There are some things that go together perfectly. Bacon and eggs. Simon and Garfunkel. Brad...