Exploring and explaining legal marijuana in Colorado.

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High Ass Recipe: California Toast

Growing up in California I was a fat, glossy, lucky little child with a large avocado orchard...

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Some days, getting high just helps you along

Turkey Day seemed like a good day for a wake-n-bake. It’s not something I do a whole...

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High ass recipe: Broccoli mac and cheese

The main ingredients here are two things that should be in every kitchen at all times: A box...

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Spiritual and cellular: How growing weed changed me

As my boy Chocolate Duck likes to say, “There’s levels”: Jimi and Jerry...

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Seeing through the smoke: Galaxies in my eyes, the strain that hit me perfect

If you smoke long enough, you’re probably going to find a strain that suits you best, a...

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High-ass recipes: Cereal Killer

In this week’s High-Ass Recipe, I’ve chosen the divine power of sugary cereal...

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Don’t get too comfortable: The War on Drugs isn’t over

I spent a lot of time this week reading, trying to immerse myself in the background of this...

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High-Ass Recipes: Baked to perfection

To make this high-ass recipe, you’ll need some basic ingredients and opposable,...