Exploring and explaining legal marijuana in Colorado.

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Ganga, dagga, diesels, kushes? Here’s a primo primer

Welcome back, friends. I hope the week held some time for productive endeavors, some time for...

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Elvis oatmeal: You don’t have to be high to enjoy this ... but it sure doesn’t hurt

When it comes to Elvis, Chef High Guy thinks we should all admire how he could take control of...

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Review: Locally blown glass pipes take the cake

Boasting the largest selection of locally-blown glass pipes and smoking accessories in...

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High-ass recipes: Breakfast Pudding

Chef High Guy says Breakfast Pudding was originally inspired by late-night high-ass munchies,...

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Seeing Through the Smoke: The facade of negative propaganda is crumbling

First things first (because there’s a lot of ground to cover here), my bona fides:...