Exploring and explaining legal marijuana in Colorado.

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Two simple methods to make cannabis-infused oils

THC Basics for the Hungry Stoner Looking to Expand His or Her Horizons and to Use What May...

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Here’s to freedom and liberty: Appreciating my buddy’s bounty of homegrown

Dispensary shelves are lined with jars of strain-specific marijuana. You can know the lineage...

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Lemon Skunk

What is it?A 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid and testing...

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Sponsored Review: The Bakked Botanical pure CO2 oil cartridge

What is it?An amazing flavor-filled vaping experience,...

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Cannabis: To reschedule or deschedule, that is the question

Despite numerous appeals to the DEA for reclassification, marijuana, as well as all isolated...

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Get that cannabis trim ready for use in oils, butters, tinctures

It would appear that our boy, AG Sessions, is otherwise occupied this week with activities...

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Marijuana strain review: Green Poison

What is it?Green Poison is a indica-dominant hybrid...

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Is a remedy to the opioid epidemic right in front of us?

Today in America we face a national health crisis. An epidemic that killed nearly 35,000...