Exploring and explaining legal marijuana in Colorado.

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What to know while watching those babies grow

Now that you have begun your cannabis growing journey, it is time to allow your mind to...

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Cannabis industry banking on new legislation

The Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2017, otherwise known as the SAFE Banking Act...

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What to know before road-tripping with marijuana

Its almost summer, and summer for me is road trip time! Cars packed with goodies, tunes...

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Your cannababies’ happiness starts with nutrient-rich soil

There are a lot of ways to grow cannabis, and depending what you are looking for as the end...

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Weed review: Magic Buzz Energy Buzzin’ sativa energy drink

Magic Buzz Energy Buzzin’ sativa energy drink

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Marijuana growing: How to care for your plants during the seedling phase

When they are young, cannabis plants are tender little creations; like a mama tiger and cub,...

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Getting to know hemp, the miracle crop

I recently sat down with my friend and local hemp advocate Sharon King to talk a little about...

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Marijuana strain review: Charlotte’s Cousin

What is it?Charlotte’s Cousin is a sativa related...