Exploring and explaining legal marijuana in Colorado.

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When it comes to strains, we’re experiencing an explosion

So, you’d like a pure indica, a pure sativa, an 80/20 indica, a 60/40 sativa, a 50/50...

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Edibles: What to know for new or first-time users

Brownies, cookies, candies, cakes, sodas, energy drinks, and sweets of all kinds line the...

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A quick guide to indicas and sativas

For any marijuana user, it’s important to distinguish between indicas and sativas. Keep...

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Treating pets with cannabis

A young Golden Retriever is low energy. He’s not eating. He has cancer, and the chemo...

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Concentrates and dabbing, demystified and explained

In the landscape of legal marijuana, a new group of products has started to saturate the...

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For thousands of years, geography, climate shaped original indicas, sativas

In the beginning, there was, simply, cannabis. And, if you lived in a place where it grew...

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We’ve come a long way to get to today’s strain-o-copia

“Can I get one ounce of some Purple Bubble Cheese Dream, one Critical Tangerine Skunk...

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On prohibition, the states have spoken (so pipe down, Jeff Sessions)

For this week’s column, I was tempted to write a passionate piece of cannabis-fueled...