A Wana Appletini gummy a day keeps the sober away

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

I am back with more of Wana’s fast-acting gummies, this time with their Appletini flavor. I’m going to be honest with you — I did not expect to like these Wana Appletini gummies. I am personally not one who is overly in love with apple-flavored foods. Apple pie I can eat any day. But if you’re giving me options on fruit gummies? Mango any day of the weekend.

However, had I kept with that fervor, I would have certainly missed out on the greatness that is the Wana
Appletini gummies. Let me explain.

First, let’s start with Wana’s Quick line of fast-acting gummies. Some of the frustrations people point out with edibles is how long they can take to get you high as well as how long the effects of the edibles last. As a result, it can be tough to guestimate the right dosage for yourself.

This is where the Wana Quick line comes in. Instead of being metabolized in the liver, Wana used nano-encapsulation technology to instead send the THC straight into your bloodstream. This way, instead of it taking anywhere from a half-hour to an hour to get stoned, it only takes roughly five to 15 minutes. The high will last you anywhere from two to four hours so you’ll want to avoid any actual responsibilities during that time frame.

I’ve tried Wana Quick edibles before and their Peach Bellini and Limoncello flavors have been my favorites so far. So, I was quite surprised how quickly Appletini shot to the top of that list as well. Like Limoncello,
Appletini gummies taste a bit like Skittles, though, just describing them as reminding me of Skittles wouldn’t do them any justice. They have this delicious sour twist that sneaks up on you. It’s enough to remind you that you’re ingesting a sweet apple but isn’t enough to make your face pucker.

One of my favorite things I appreciate about Wana Quick edibles is that they’re such a chill high. Paranoia doesn’t eat at my brain like some edibles instigate, nor was I overwhelmed. This, dear readers, is because when edibles are absorbed through the liver, the THC is converted into an 11-Hydroxy molecule which creates a more intense stoned experience. Because these Wana edibles are absorbed through the bloodstream, however, the TCH turns into the Delta-9-THC molecule. As a result, the effects are much less overwhelming. Or, at least you don’t wonder if aliens are trying to communicate with you as you’re staring mindlessly into space.

That isn’t to say Wana Quick Appletini edibles are a boring high. Quite the opposite. I felt worlds more relaxed after ingesting one of these. Each gummy comes with 10 milligrams of THC and each package comes with 10 morsels each. If you’re a newbie to marijuana or edibles, perhaps just start with half a piece.

Only 15-20 minutes in, I had a soft head high, one of my favorite feelings when it comes to marijuana. My noggin felt delicate, like it was being held up by hands made of clouds which inevitably turned into a pillow once I passed out amongst my snack wrappers. These edibles almost certainly gave me munchies, but not in the “BLAZE MUST EAT” kind of way. It was a “Oh, I’m going to actually enjoy and taste my late night snacks instead of inhale them” type of munchies.

Safe to say, should you catch Wana Quick Appletini gummies gracing the shelves of your local dispensary, I highly recommend you give it try. Your brain will thank you for it.


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