Marijuana strain review: Charlotte’s Cousin

What is it?Charlotte’s Cousin is a sativa related to the famed Charlotte’s Web strain. Charlotte’s Web is actually considered a hemp plant because of its low TCH, only .03 percent, which makes it ideal for medical use for those who cannot tolerate or use THC.

The effectsAlthough uplifting and clear-feeling, there is only a smidgen of THC in Charlotte’s Cousin. Because of its high levels of CBDs, Charlotte’s cousin is wonderful for any type of pain relief. It is also good for anxiety and nausea. This is a strain to turn to if you want all of the benefits of cannabis, with none of the high.

The smellCharlotte’s cousin has a fresh clipped grass smell that reminds me a bit of spring, with the deep pungent earthy undertone.

The look Skinny, tight buds with a dark green hue sporting a few purple hairs. These buds are, in some senses, rather plain. These are the workers of the weed world and they don’t come dressed in their finery, like the crystal-covered high TCH buds.

The tasteThere is a very basic earthy, woody taste to Charlotte’s Cousin, but taste between the lines and you will notice small hints of velvety licorice underlining light high notes of citrus fruits.

The final verdictCharlotte’s Cousin and its famed relative are excellent sources of CBD. Charlotte’s Cousin has just enough THC to help with the uptake of the CBD, making it quite effective as medicine. It is tasty to vape, with a very mellow and pleasant flavor. This is a medicinal bud – don’t buy it expecting to get high. Charlotte’s Cousin is an excellent example that showcases the merging of genetic breeding in both industrial hemp and medical marijuana.

Meggie J