Candy Kush

What is it?Candy Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid and genetic masterpiece created from the powerhouse strains OG Kush and Trainwreck. OG Kush is thought to be one of the first kush strains in the U.S. and its genetics are the foundation for many of the kush strains that followed. Candy Kush is currently testing at 23 percent THC

The effectsAlthough listed as a 50/50 hybrid, Candy Kush is very much a kush, and it smokes just like an indica. It’s excellent for insomnia, anxiety, and stress. After the initial buzz, a calm wave of euphoria engulfs you, taking with it the cares of the day, and possibly a bit of desire to get yourself off the couch.

The smellCandy Kush smells like Hawaiian Punch, full to the brim with the scent of fresh fruits: bits of berry and sweet and sour lemons. There are also high notes of fresh, sweet pine resulting in a subtle smell of pineapples.

The look Covered in trichromes and wrapped up delicately in hairs of all colors, Candy Kush truly produces beautiful buds. Named not only for its sweet scent and taste, but also because the little hairs on this strain, also known as the pistil, vary in color from purple, to blue, to red, even pink, causing it to look like little pieces of candy.

The tasteFresh and fruity. The sweetness of lemon and fat, round berries complemented by high notes of pine, and a deep earthy floor. While smoking, I envisioned some type of fruity cereal where the different cereal pebbles are shaped and colored like fruit and mixed together in a bowl. Yes, it’s like smoking that bowl.

The final verdictTasty and full of fabulous fruit flavors but with a tendency to couch-lock, Candy Kush is excellent meditative and relaxation weed. The initial buzz came with a light, euphoric feeling of contentment followed by the indica blanket of full body and mind relaxation. Want to go to your happy place for a while? Candy Kush is a flavorful way to get there and stay for a bit.

Meggie J