Strain review: Mother’s Finest

What is it?Originally bred in Amsterdam by Sensi Seeds, this 70 percent sativa dominant strain is fast becoming a favorite right here in Colorado. The breeders named it after Frank Zappa’s band, and even though I hate the name, this is an amazing Jack Herer cross that definitely shows its Haze and (rumored) Northern Lights parents.

The effects Everyone who tried this strain said the same thing, “It’s really nice.” It’s like taking a happy pill that lasts for about two hours with a very easy come down. She doesn’t feel too psychoactive or too sleepy, and I think it’s the most balanced strain I’ve ever tried. You’ll instantly feel the sativa-like blissful head high, but she stays very stable through the whole experience and tapers off feeling a bit relaxing to the body.

The smell Very fresh, like a springtime walk through a blooming citrus grove with just a hint of spice.

The look The buds are slightly airy with dark orange hairs and full of beautiful crystals.

The tasteTastes a bit like a sour gummy dipped in just a hint of peppermint oil.

Final verdictI’ve sampled many hundreds of strains, and this one is very unique. Even though she feels more sativa-like, the super mellow Northern Lights indica seems to even her out beautifully. It might be the most euphoric strain I’ve ever tried. Just a few hits keeps you clear-minded and uplifted, but if you push her, she’ll leave you in a serious haze. Keep this one in the safe and pull her out when you’re feeling down. Mother’s Finest will definitely make everything all better.

Patrick DaltonDurango Rec Room