Strain of the week: Master Kush

What is it?Master Kush is a heavy indica with only about 5 percent sativa. It’s a combination of Hindu landrace Kush strains and Skunk #1, originally bred by White Label, a longtime favorite in Amsterdam.

The effectsMaster Kush is the girl you don’t know you’re in love with until it’s too late. She smokes nice and smooth, but when she kicks in, your whole world changes. She’s extremely powerful and long-lasting. Most people notice thinking becomes more focused and their thoughts have more clarity.

The smellMaster Kush comes off the vine with a very earthy smell, but cured properly ends up in the jar with a more sweet musky citrus aroma.

The lookBright green flowers that cause her little orange hairs to stand out. Its bud structure is dense and treelike with nice concentrations of trichomes.

The tasteHearty. Old school. Reminiscent.

The final verdictIf you’re an indica person, this is as good as it gets. You will absolutely love the sedative hypnotic feel. Great for pain, insomnia, meditation, creativity, finding clarity and contemplating the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

— Patrick DaltonDurango Rec Room