Strain of the week: Kosher Kush

What is it?This is my favorite strain, so I’m excited to finally review some, grown perfectly in Durango by Wildcat Cannabis. She was created by L.A.-based Jewish growers and renamed by DNA genetics to honor their heritage. They kept its genetics unknown, but its awards are legendary, earning the Kosher multiple Cannabis Cup titles.

The effects For an indica, the high comes on quickly, and is noticed mostly in the body. After a few minutes you’ll begin to feel a distinct soaring euphoria I’ve only found in Kosher. It’s instantly relaxing and extremely comfortable. After 10 minutes, the cerebral high sneaks in, and your mind feels at one with the universe.

The smellImagine finding a grapefruit tree in a dense pine forest just after daybreak.

The lookWith THC at 22 percent, she’s filled with beautiful white crystals and plenty of calyxes that show her richly-colored green buds

The tasteThe inhale is earthy, but the pine and citrus are more pronounced on the exhale.

The final verdictThis strain is a blessing for anyone. It’s so perfectly balanced you won’t care if it’s affecting your mind or your body the most. All you’ll know is you feel euphoric, relaxed and extremely happy to the point of laughter. She’s a nice daytime getaway in the mountains or a cozy one to share a movie with. Too much gushing? I don’t think so. I only wish everyone had a strain that affects them like Kosher Kush affects me.

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom