Strain of the Week: Great White Shark

What is it?Great White Shark is a multi-award-winning blend of exceptional genetics from around the world. Introduced by Greenhouse seeds, it won its first Cannabis Cup back in 1997. THC hunters might mistakenly pass this one by because it consistently comes in at only 14.8 percent THC and .22 percent CBD, but its effects are extremely strong and nicely balanced.

The effects You’ll feel a lofty cerebral high within minutes that seems much stronger than most hybrid varieties. While you’re attempting to adjust your now-warped cranium, the body high kicks in, giving you that comfortable indica feeling. Great White is one of the most full mind/body highs out there, and gives you that old school effect that some of the new hybrids lack.

SmellImagine a field of candy flowers on a still day and thinking there must be a skunk in the distance.

The lookPretty, dense, green buds with more red follicles than other varieties.

The tasteVery smooth and easy to smoke. Sweet with a flowery aftertaste.

Final verdictThis is a fantastic day-timer in small doses, but if you push her, you’ll end up with a very narcotic high that lasts for several hours. It’s easy to lose yourself in time with this strain. It’s very calming and even sedative at times. If you have pain, this is a good choice because the body-numbing effects are very powerful. This strain is proof that numbers mean nothing when it comes to strong effects. Get some for the Super Bowl, but don’t blame me when you realize its the fourth quarter and you can’t even remember who’s playing.

Patrick DaltonDurango Rec Room