Wana Hot Cocoa

What is it?This is the perfect warm-you-up hot cocoa for those chilly Snowdown days. It’s a single serving 10mg cannabis-infused powder you can mix with hot water or milk to keep you cozy at any event. It’s very stealth, but should always be used in legal places and kept away from kids who might mistake it for the less potent store-bought mixes.

The effectsLike most edible or drinkable marijuana products, Wana uses trim in its extraction process so you can expect a hybrid feeling from this product. The high comes on quickly. I noticed it within five minutes, and it seemed to peak at the 30-minute mark. It was a very nice, relaxed all-over high in the beginning, but seemed to be more psychoactive later on.

The smellIt actually smelled like any normal hot chocolate. I never noticed the weed odor at any time.

The lookLike milk chocolate with white foam on top. I added the obligatory marshmallows just for effect.

The tasteIt’s actually better than most powder mixes you buy at the local market with only a hint of marijuana taste.

The final verdictI love the idea of a warm cup of hot cocoa during a cold day on the Western Slope, but adding a single dose of legal goodness makes this great. You can easily make your own hot chocolate and add a peppermint marijuana tincture, but this is an easy all-in-one mix that definitely does the job. The buzz is solid, and I can’t think of anything I’d like in my thermos more than this during Snowdown. Have fun! Be safe!

— Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom