Weed review: The Drops (tincture) by Canyon Cultivation

What is it?Cannabis tincture is made by dissolving its constituents in alcohol. I’m not usually a fan of tinctures, but this little powerhouse has definitely changed my mind. The 100 milligrams of THC is suspended in an all natural, no GMO, gluten free, Co2-extracted alcohol-based liquid and flavored with essential plant oils like peppermint, tangerine and cinnamon. And, it’s all packed in a bottle smaller than an eyedropper.

The effectsEach drop delivers 1.3 milligrams of THC. Eight drops is a recommended dose. Unlike edibles, these power-packed drops seem to hit your brain in only a few minutes. The high is intense and seems to give you an instant case of the giggles. After about 30 minutes, the body buzz settles in nicely and lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half.

The smellThe essential oil smell is very potent and seems to overpower any cannabis smell.

The lookThe bottle is tiny and stealth, and the oil is almost clear with just a hint of green.

The taste It’s super clean tasting, and seems to reflect the pure qualities of all the ingredients.

The final verdictThis is the coolest tincture I’ve ever seen. It’s 10 full doses of extremely well made cannabis extract in a great package that definitely does the trick. Most tinctures are full of alcohol or sugary-flavored syrup that tastes awful. They’re usually inconsistent in their effects, but this one definitely hits the mark. It’s very strong, so don’t blame me when just a few drops causes extreme happiness.

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom