Weed review: Space Cream

What is it?Space Cream is relatively new to the scene, but it’s already gained a great reputation as a very psychoactive sativa-leaning powerhouse. She’s the love child of Space Queen and Timewreck, and exhibits the best qualities of both. The genetics would leave you to believe it’s around 70 percent sativa, but when smoked it, feels like its a 100 percent non-functional sativa.

The effectsImagine removing your brain from your skull, putting it in a blender and turning it on for a few hours. That’s what a few good hits of Space Cream delivers. At just over 24 percent THC, the all-cerebral high is not only soaring, but extremely fun. However, this strain should come with a warning label so people know not to attempt ANYTHING while under her spell.

The smellSweet with a hint of citrus and cream.

The looksVery well-developed buds full of orange hairs and dusted with keef.

The tasteSweet with hints of spice and orange.

The final verdictExpect a complete mind melt, but know the trip is fun and relaxing. I’ve never experienced such a psychedelic strain that has no paranoia. If you want a great strain to session with friends, this is the one. Everyone will want to say something interesting, but you’ll find yourselves just happily staring at each other and laughing in silence. You’ll be super-lifted, but not able to focus or think clearly for an hour, so please use responsibly. I really enjoyed this strain for what it was, but don’t blame me when you drop 100 IQ points two minutes after your first hit.

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom