Weed review: Sour Tangie

What is it?As you can probably guess, Sour Tangie is the 80 percent sativa offspring of East Coast Sour Diesel and Crockets multi-award-winning Tangie. There are two dominant phenotypes in the U.S. that individually express the best qualities of each parent. The one whose traits lean toward the Tangie parent is not only the best of the two, but fortunately for us, it’s the most popular.

The effectsBy the time you’ve finished exhaling your first hit, you’ll already have noticed a mood-altering psychoactive effect that feels happy and relaxed. An uncontrollable smile appears after your second hit, and you’re well on your way to one of the best highs you’ll ever have. Sour Tangie is extremely cerebral, but there’s also a very relaxing upper-body high that goes with it. The experience is long lasting for a sativa, and the come down is so gentle you don’t even notice it.

The smellA very clean, fresh aroma with powerful citrus notes.

The lookVery large dense trichome-covered buds.

The tasteThe inhale is lemon and tangerine, and the exhale is mostly orange that seems to linger on your taste buds.

The final verdictI honestly like Sour Tangie more than either of her amazing parents. The high seems more balanced, and the experience is more uplifting. I really enjoyed it in small doses during the day. At over 20 percent THC, it doesn’t take much to feel nicely lifted, but just know if you push her, you’ll end up in a very happy coma-like trance that lasts a few hours. This is the perfect springtime-in-Durango strain that will enhance a shopping trip down Main Avenue or hike in the foothills.

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom