Strain review: Red Headed Stranger

What is it?Obviously, this insanely strong sativa is named after our old pot smoking buddy Willie Nelson’s 1975 album, but there’s nothing old school about it. It’s a cross between famous breeder Tom Hill’s Haze and Williams Wonder. The Wonder is full of Afghani indica, but our pheno of Red Headed Stranger smoked very sativa, and honors its combination of amazing equatorial haze genetics. It’s more than 21 percent THC, but is often used as a medicinal strain because of its high CBD content.

The effectsThis is a powerful sativa and is not recommended for beginners. The uplifting cerebral high kicks into full gear almost immediately, and it can feel pretty fast at first. Once the feeling settles in, it’s extremely euphoric, happy and creative. The intensity wears off after an hour, and you’ll comfortably come back to Earth soon after that. The experience feels like a roller coaster ride, but like any good coaster, it leaves you wanting more.

The smell Very rich, earthy, pungent aroma with a hint of spice and citrus.

The lookLong orange hairs cover the dense nugs reflecting its name.

The tasteSmooth and sweet tasting with just a little pepper on the finish.

The final verdictThis is a great daytime strain for every activity. Somewhat clear-minded and euphoric, she’ll leave you laughing in a comfortable and creative head space. I wouldn’t suggest pushing it. I never experienced any weirdness, but it felt like if I took her too far, she’d turn on me. A few good hits will set you right, and an hour later you’ll be right back where you were before you shook hands with the Red Headed Stranger.

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom