Weed review: Ectocooler

What is it?It’s definitely not the Ghostbusters-inspired fluorescent green Hi-C drink from the ’80s. Our Ectocooler is a wonderfully relaxing 27.6 percent THC indica-dominant variety that’s the result of crossing a male Gorilla Biscuit strain with a female Ae77 California Orange strain. It has all the potent lime terpenes from its amazing father and the trichome-rich buds and incredible potency of its Calio mother.

The effectsJust like Ghozer from the original “Ghostbusters,” this strain is a creeper. It’ll take several minutes to kick in, but when it does, your world will be just perfect. The warm wave increases in intensity until about the 30-minute mark, where the experience peaks and you’re blissed out. It’s very euphoric, and with a full body-and-mind sense of wellness, you’ll immediately feel at your core.

The smellImagine peeling an orange and finding a sour lime inside.

The looksVery large trichome-covered frosty buds.

The tasteJust like it smells, but with an almost unnoticeable hint of fuel on the exhale.

The final verdictEctocooler is my new favorite nighttime strain. Yes, it’s an extremely high THC variety, but the balance between its other constituents is what makes it great. It gives you a deeply profound feeling of physical and psychological well-being. The high is clean, and for an indica that gives you such amazing body relaxation, it still has enough psychoactive effect to reverse all your negative emotions. This is a must try that will leave you in the words of the great Bob Marley: “Singing don’t worry about a thing. Cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom