Tincture Belle Chronic Dreamz

What is it?It’s 100mg of THC infused in smooth white chocolate with crunchy cookie pieces mixed in. The candy bar-style edible is sectioned off in ten 10mg doses, and contained in a childproof plastic bottle. Each bar is made with high quality Ghirardelli chocolate and has the feeling of being handcrafted.

The EffectsLike most solid-form edibles, the full effect wasn’t felt until about an hour after consumption. The high feels centered in your body at first, and then you realize the mood-elevating warmth as the feeling moves into your head. The high was pretty balanced, and lasted for at least three hours. There was no noticeable come down, just a calmness as the high wears off.

The SmellOpen the top and you’ll smell only white chocolate.

The LookIt looks just like a store bought cookies and cream bar.

The TasteI love the taste. I’m already a fan of Ghirardelli white chocolate, so if you add some THC, it just makes it that much better.

The Final VerdictIf you like edibles you’ll definitely love the Tincture Belle Cookies and Cream candy bar. It’s smooth and creamy with just a hint of plant matter taste mixed in. The effect is great, and gives you that evenly balanced high feeling that you’re familiar with when you ingest edibles. I really like that Tincture Belle uses high-quality ingredients, and its products feel like they’re made with care. Your challenge, if you choose to accept, is defying your desire to eat more of this amazing chocolate than you really should. Good luck!

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom