Weed review: Lemon Diesel

What is it?This strain came highly suggested from a knowledgeable grower friend, and I’m glad I took her advice. It’s a bit of an unknown, and so are the genetics. Its parents are actually a combination of California Sour and Lost Coast OG. Coming in at a very respectable 24.3 percent THC, it hits hard and fast. I’d consider it a very middle of the road hybrid, but most people feel it leans a bit indica.

The effectsSoon after you take your first hit, you’ll notice a very pleasant spacey euphoria that instantly relaxes your mind. But a few more hits and you’ll find an all-over feeling of well being. This is one of those strains that affect everyone differently. I’ve heard people say it feels very sativa, and they like it for daytime. I’ve also had customers who claim to love it for its indica relaxation, and even sleep. Either way, it’s a happy variety that causes almost everyone to feel elevated and euphoric.

The smellThis is a very citrusy-smelling plant with no real diesel aroma whatsoever.

The lookVery dark amber hairs with pale green buds, and covered with white trichomes.

The tasteThis is the most lemon-tasting bud I’ve ever smoked, and the taste stays on your palate for quite a while.

The final verdictThis is one of those strains everyone loves. It seems to react differently with everyone’s body chemistry, so the effects might coincide with what your body needs. It’s fast becoming a favorite at our shop, and just a few hits will tell you why. It doesn’t have a great value as a medicinal plant, but the recreation effects are fantastic.

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom