High-ass recipe: Toasted ’taters and onions

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Toasted ’taters and onions
Ar 151239962
Toasted ’taters and onions

What’s one of the most crucial aspects of a high-ass recipe? Completely avoiding being in public. You just said a 12-word sentence backwards so I’m pretty sure you’re not cool to go to the grocery store. Do you have potatoes? Then guess what? You can make this delectable high-ass recipe totally in the private weird of your own home.

What you need:



Oil (EVOO preferred)





Lots of salt (extra points for seasoned salt)

Fresh cracked pepper (on everything, always)


Crank up your oven to a solid broil. 450° oughta do it. Grab your star ingredients (’taters, onions). Cut ’em up – the thinner the slice, the sooner food gets into your high-ass face. Next, put them into a baking dish, pan or other oven-friendly vessel. Drizzle with a healthy amount of olive oil, mist lightly with lemon, season with borderline egregious amounts of garlic and rosemary, and toss together. If your ingredients aren’t glistening with fat, dump everything into the trash and go home (oh wait, you’re already there. You’ll figure this out soon). Otherwise, sprinkle with cheese and center gingerly in the oven. When the edges of your spuds resemble the toasted paper around the end of a J, generously pepper your snack and hunker back down to enjoy a food high that feels like the first time.

Ar 151239962

Toasted ’taters and onions