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Here’s some of what’s coming in 2018, local and national

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Sunday: Irish Music Jam Session, Noon. No cover. Irish Embassy, 900 Main Ave.. Information: 403-1200.

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Calexico and No Age each have new releases coming in 2018.
Ar 171119692
Calexico and No Age each have new releases coming in 2018.

Social Media is a great tool when it delivers information you actually need. Sift through the vitriol, pictures, opinions delivered without inquisition, and useless information and maybe you’ll get something relevant. Its positive attributes do exist but seldom come, unless a necessity to your life is being angered and offended by people you don’t know.

Two weeks ago, I asked via social media which musicians had plans to release music in 2018.

Worthy of some genuine excitement and deserving a cold beer after a long workday are the local bands; that social media post, my first positive interaction with social media aside from birthday wishes, revealed over a dozen local acts putting out records. Some of these are longtime locals; others are bands that have come together through other projects or creative jam sessions:

Eric Kiefer aka “Oblee” will drop another record of looped, weirdo, slacker rock.

Powertribe will push out another release of loud rock with the guitar heroics of Darren Stroud.

Elder Grown will finally get their full-length of rock, funk, and jam into the hands of all those people who help sell out their local shows.

Busters Ghost has kicked around town for years; some songs have been heard via local radio, but official documentation is set for 2018.

The Outskirts have plans for a summer tour and new release.

The Aaron Lombardo bands Sky Pilot and Durango Funk All-Stars will push records out.

Pagosa Springs’ Ragwater’s debut is a loud and dirty collection of rock.

There’s more. The Randibals, fresh off Billfest, have a limited release cassette. Evan Suiter is part of a local, all-star collective that has an instrumental funk album in the can. James Mirabal is part of a new band called The Missing Lynx with plans to record. Out of Montezuma County, Wake Up Laughing, The Moetones, and Genuine Cowhide all have records near completion. The Moetones play straight ahead rock ’n’ roll, while Genuine Cowhide explores country and spaghetti western.

On a national level, 2018 will see releases too numerous to document here; worth mentioning includes:

Calexico. The desert-noir indie band that dances between avant folk and mariachi with a punk vibe remain internationally celebrated. “The Thread That Keeps Us” drops in early 2018 and is already being critically praised.

Hot Snakes. This is rock music, and the sub pop release of new work by Swami John Reis and company will also come along with reissued records from the Hot Snakes catalog.

No Age. This noise rock duo has kept it simple and honest for decades. “Snares Like a Haircut” will drop in January.

The Dexateens. A personal favorite, this Alabama rock band is a great dose of garage thrash and, at times, laid-back twang.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Django Django, MUSE, and Loretta Lynn all have releases coming alongside numerous flavors-of-the-week destined for the bargain bin along with a plethora of independently released singles, EPs and full-lengths being worked on as I type and while you read.

Clear some space on the vinyl and CD shelf, delete some files off your hand-held digital music device, and invest in the arts economy; for a business model that is jacked beyond repair, there sure are a lot of people still writing, recording, and releasing music, and it’s yours for the purchase.

Bryant Liggett is a freelance writer and KDUR station manager. liggett_b@fortlewis.edu.

Bryant’s best

Sunday: Irish Music Jam Session, Noon. No cover. Irish Embassy, 900 Main Ave.. Information: 403-1200.