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Our top record picks of 2018, part 2

The year 2018 saw the release of a lot of music. The following is the second half of what this writer thought was the best of the year. Full disclosure: I don’t care about album sales. I don’t care about concert-ticket sales. If everything in the world was judged by the amount sold, you’d have a hell of a lot of chefs in high...

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Color me in: A coloring page by Lyshawna Benally

Take a minute to print off this drawing by Lyshawna Benally and color it in.

Durango artist and Fort Lewis College graduate Lyshawna Benally is always looking to try something new with her art.

She often incorporates social justice, historical, and political themes into her artwork, such the Navajo code talkers...

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The best albums of 2018, ranked

OK, here’s the thing about compiling a year-in-review or Best Of list: If I write this article next week...well, shit. If I write this article later tonight or even tomorrow, it could likely – nay, certainly – look different than it does today. Not all of it would change, mind you. Seven or eight of these records are the...

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Our top record picks of 2018, part 1

The challenge that lies in making a list of the best things you listened to for the last year comes from the whittling. There’s a lot of music made each year. Much of it sucks, much of it mediocre, and some of it worth keeping around. With record labels disintegrating, and the ease of making records at home or with smaller...

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Doodle Durango: Grab your markers and channel your inner artist, cause it’s the adult coloring book issue

Print off these drawings, get out your markers, and give these badass coloring pages a go.

The monster-making coloring page artist from this week’s issue, Kayla Shaggy, is a New Mexico native turned Durangatang who has published three comic books. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in the spring of 2017 with a...

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Hindsight 20/20: Durango artist Dan Groth reflects back on his coloring book he created during the 2016 election

A woman emerging from water alongside a multi-headed sea monster. An enraged bird shaking his fists at the sun. A mustachioed train coming across a dying dog. The year 2016 was a weird year for everyone, but especially for Durango artist Dan Groth, who released his adult coloring book that year.

When we reached out to...

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Color me in: A coloring page by Lyshawna Benally

Take a minute to print off and color in this coloring page by Durango artist Lyshawna Benally. A Fort Lewis College graduate, Benally is always looking to try something new with her art.

She often incorporates social justice, historical, and political themes into her artwork, such the Navajo code talkers and missing...

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Jeff Plankenhorn, a soulful, stripped-down artist

Musician Jeff Plankenhorn’s move from sideman to frontman was an inevitable step in his career. The Austin-based musician – who Joe Ely, Slaid Cleaves, Ruthie Foster, and Ray Wylie Hubbard, and others have called bandmate – is a commanding songwriter and soulful vocalist, skilled at penning rootsy Texas blues,...

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Album review: “Shampoo You,” Axis: Sova

It is late November, which means it’s ever so tempting to begin looking ahead and doing a surface scan of the intriguing swath of releases slated for 2019. And I don’t mean deep in 2019, but early – first month or so – 2019. But, you know, that 2019 list is, in all honesty, an impressively staggering one that I will get to in...

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Jerry Joseph on Widespread Panic and conflict guitars

Musician Jerry Joseph is refreshingly honest about his music career. He’s an independent rocker on the fringes of the jam band and indie rock world, always forthcoming with self-reflecting honesty. He’s not where he would like to be when it comes to his career, and, that’s okay. His fans really dig him, and he’s managed to do...

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Album review: “Year of the Black Dog,” The Holy Knives

As the calendar year winds down, music fans, myself included, are being met with the last push of new record releases before the full-on winter months, in a final bid to make those “best of” lists. There are fewer album releases right now, but, as is generally the case, I’d suggest valuing quality over quantity anyway. And,...

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The Revelers rep Louisiana without the Big Easy schtick

Not all bands from Louisiana have ties to New Orleans. Sure, the Big Easy comes to mind when the music of the Pelican State is mentioned, thanks in part to epic musicians like Kermit Ruffins or Dr. John. Get yourself outside of N’awlins, though, and into other parts of the state, and you’ll find yourself submerged in a more...

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Dead Floyd honors legacies of Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd

Back in 1967, both The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd released their first albums. The Grateful Dead’s self-titled album dropped in March, and Floyd’s “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” dropped a few months later. Both records are an apt reflection of what indie rock was during that time, and the majority of both records’ songs...

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