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Magi Nation puts a local, Durango spin on reggae

The level of reggae fandom is often void of a gray area. For some, it’s a genre listened to with an opinion of lethargic indifference. For others, it’s a lifestyle around the music, a whole-hog fanaticism involving not only the music but its culture.

Many casual reggae music fans own “Legend,” a best of Bob Marley that...

Maria’s staff pick: The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde

A gripping story of mystique, skillfully decorated with the flowery writing of Victorian author Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray was not only an accomplishment for its time, but remains a literary vision even today. Through the story of Dorian Gray, Basil Hallward, Henry...

Get Smart about graphic novels

Want (or maybe need) some pictures to spice up your reading material? Let bookseller Jaime Cary of Maria’s Bookshop teach you about graphic novels. They’re a whole lot more than your nerdy friend’s comic books used to be.”

How did you discover graphic novels?

I had a great teacher in fourth grade who made us read...

Style Fetish: In praise of Carhartt gold

Let this first column be in praise of pants, specifically and adoringly, Carhartt or Dickies canvas work pants in that iconic hot mustard gold. This common color of the bottom halves of many Colorado men is evocative in the extreme, bringing to mind hard work, capability, beer and honey, toughness and integrity. That mellow...

Album review: Archie and the Bunkers, “Archie and the Bunkers”

Archie and the Bunkers, “Archie and the Bunkers”

Available now

Label: Dirty Water Records (UK)

Very, very rarely is one of my favorite albums of the year released as late as November. I mean, it happens ... just not all that often. Usually, I need some time to digest a new album, especially if it’s a band’s...

Keep calm and act like you know what you’re doing

I received the Durango Arts Center’s latest program-touting brochure in the mail last week and, flipping through it, came upon a picture of myself in what may have been literally the most terrifying moment of my life.

The photo was from DAC’s 10-Minute Plays, which I’d performed in back in October. In the photo, I am...

New at Southwest Sound: Dec. 4

New releases for Dec. 4

Coldplay, “Head Full of Dreams”

Curren$y, “Canal Street Confidential”

G Eazy, “When It’s Dark Out”

Rick Ross, “Black Market”

SunnO))), “Kannon”

Maria’s Bookshop top sellers, Nov. 22 to Nov. 28

Nov. 22 to Nov. 28

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10: Old School, by Jeff Kinney (Hardcover)

2. Cortez the Gnome, by Amadee Ricketts (Paperback)

3. Polar Express 30th Anniversary Edition, by Chris van Allsburg (Hardcover)

4. Cold Smoke: Skiing Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, by Andrew Klotz ...

May the hype be with you

Wait a minute. There’s a new “Star Wars” movie coming out? Wow, who knew?

Answer: Everyone in the conscious universe.

If “The Force Awakens” isn’t the most heavily hyped movie of all time, I’d like to hear your other contender. Yes, there was a massive buildup to “Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace” in...

Downtown Lowdown: ’Tis the season for sucky music (and the few who get Christmas tunes right)

Welcome to the holiday season and all its baggage that makes this equally the most joyous and most despised time of the year. Its false sentiment, bloated political correctness and attempts to get you to spend go hand in hand with good ol’ drunken gatherings, a snowy walk through a neighborhood strewn with holiday lights and...

Maria’s Bookshop top sellers: 11/15-11/21


1. being & vibration: Entering the New World, by Joseph Rael (Paperback)

2. How to Relax, by Thich Nhat Hanh (Paperback)

3. The Martian, by Andy Weir (Paperback)

4. Cold Smoke: Skiing Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, by Andrew Klotz (Paperback)

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10: Old...

What’s new: Ty Segall, “Ty Rex”

Ty Segall, “Ty Rex”

Release date: Nov. 27

Label: Goner Records

Ty Segall is, hands down, one the best and most prolific artists currently shaping the landscape of underground/fringe rock ’n’ roll today. If you are a fan of contemporary garage rock and its many, many tendrils and tangents, you are likely...

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