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The Pixies, Goon, and Stephen Malkmus: This year’s albums are truly great

And just like that, here we are. Summer seems to be upon us, with temperatures and tourist numbers in our corner of Colorado on a steady incline.

According to the solstice-ers and my trusty oversized calendar, the official start of summer is Friday, June 21, as per usual. June is the sixth month of the calendar year,...

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Kacey Musgraves, Brandi Carlile, and Greensky Bluegrass among Telluride Bluegrass Festival performers

Just when it seems like there’s a lull in local music festivals, you can road trip on up to Telluride for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival to catch national acts like Kacey Musgraves, Brandi Carlile, Punch Brothers, and, well, the list goes on and on, folks. This is a bluegrass lover’s dream come true.

From June 20-23,...

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Wilde’s “Booksmart”: A coming of age tale we’ve heard many times before

United Artists’ “Booksmart” is the latest raunchy R-rated teen comedy to hit theaters. For the past couple of weeks, the movie’s been received with overwhelmingly positive reviews across the board. The director is former starlet Olivia Wilde, who currently fancies herself a filmmaker. Fortunately for her (and her film’s...

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Dog days of 2019: A Four Corners roundup of what’s hot in the coming months

Ahh. It’s summertime in the Southwest. Beer in hand – maybe in both – you’re sidestepping your way through a crowd of people at a festival so that you and your friends can stand together and enjoy the band that’s playing under the sun. As you nod your head to the music, you can smell donuts frying at a nearby food stand and...

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Get reggae at Durango’s 2nd annual More Music Festival

We’re not just country music and indie rock fans out here in Durango. Turns out, we got a strong love for reggae, funk, jam, and ska, too, which is why the good folks at More Music Festival are bringing us a second round of melodies on June 8 at Durango’s Buckley Park.

We couldn’t be more excited to see acts from both...

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Urochromes, Lust for You, and Julia Shapiro: Bands and albums you should see live and living in color

Editor’s note: There was some confusion last issue (May 9, 2019) and an incomplete version of Jon Lynch’s column made it onto our pages. We missed some good ass information, so we’re repubbing the entire column this issue for your musical information...

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From Flo Rida to Foreigner, there’s a big range of music coming to the Four Corners

Whatever floats your boat, whatever sizzles your bacon, whatever packs your pipe – no matter your favorite band or kind of music, there’s a good chance it’s coming to the Four Corners. You lucky dogs.

This upcoming month, there’s a huge range of acts that’ll be showing their hats on stage, and we gotta say, it’s pretty...

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The Hustle: A gender-swapped version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

There is a fine line between taking influence for your own original idea from another source and just plain ripping off another artist. Chris Addison’s “The Hustle,” a new comedy starring Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway, is being described as a modern, gender-swapped version of Frank Oz’s “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” (1988) –...

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Upcoming albums and bands you should be seeing live

A friend and musical confidant recently relayed to me a reoccurring frustration about an artist. We were discussing albums that have already been released this year, albums he had already listened to a little bit of and rightly enjoyed. The mention of that one artist led to another as the discourse turned to a conversation...

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Cheryl Strayed, Sir Chris Bonington, and Ben Rhodes among presenters at Mountainfilm festival

Get your movie caps on, documentary nerds, because Telluride’s Mountainfilm festival is just around the corner.

From May 24-27, attendees will get to sit down and enjoy documentary films ranging on topics from social justice to the environment. Aside from the chance to view these docs, visitors may also participate in a...

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Endgame might be easier to follow with a Marvel refresher course

Despite all the criticism Marvel gets for playing it safe and not taking many real risks with their storytelling and character development, there are a couple of things they get right: taking their films seriously and being dramatic without coming across as bleak. The ending of the previous Avengers feature, “Infinity War,”...

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May we be your May round-up guide to music in the region

It’s a big month for music out here in the Southwest. It’s the start of summer and it’s about that time of year for long weekends and day trips to see your favorite bands.

This upcoming month, the region has no shortage of great performances to watch. You’ll want to keep an eye on Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Durango for...

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