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There’s a ton of badass live music coming to Meow Wolf

Last Friday (February 8), Loma Vista Recordings, the label that’s home to a diverse roster of artists like St. Vincent, Andrew Bird, and Iggy Pop, along with Local Natives, Sylvan Esso, and Manchester Orchestra, released the fourth proper studio album from Los Angeles electro art noise punkers HEALTH.

The record, “VOL....

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Screech along to these video game soundtracks that slay

BRE-BRE(pause)BRE-BRE! That’s me screaking Bernard Herrmann’s “Psycho Suite” at your Halloween party. BRE-BRE(pause)BRE-BRE! BRE! DOAHH DOAHH DOAHH! Don’t like it? You aren’t gonna quiet the clamor of my counter-perched gargoyle ass unless you turn on some tunes.

No, you can’t turn on the “Psycho Suite.” 1) I was just...

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What’s new: “Vitriola,” Cursive

Last week was one heck of a week for new releases, my friends, and it’s across the board. I do believe there is a little something for everyone. Before getting into my singular record of choice, let me give you my long-winded version of the quick and dirty on a handful of albums currently available at your favorite local...

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Colorado is riding high with disco-grass and jam culture

Musician Jack Cloonan is developing his own genre. A former Durango resident, Cloonan leads The Jack Cloonan Band and is developing the genre of “disco-grass.”

A fusion of festival-heavy genres, it’s one part jam-band, one part acoustic funk, and all parts upbeat party.

“It’s bluegrass fusion with Celtic and funk...

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8 horror games to complete your creepy Halloween shindig

You got October plans? No? I ain’t judging. Feel free to paint your face pumpkin colors and gorge yourself on candy corn now to November – but, how’s about taking a nip-deep dive into the glorious, gory grave of macabre gaming while yer at it?

Therapy, escapism, sinister fun – yep to all. Here’s eight horror games to...

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The introverted, nonstop life of Henry Rollins

Photographer, actor, writer, and human rights activist Henry Rollins is masterful at forging stories from the grit and grandeur he intakes while raw powering around the world. Last week DGO spoke with Mr. Rollins about photography, the intentions of art, and if we’re ever gonna see him on a travel TV show. Buckle in, because...

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Films you don’t want to miss at the inaugural Mancos Doc Fest

Rosa Sabido hasn’t left the boundaries of United Methodist Church of Mancos in more than a year. The Mexican immigrant who has lived in the United States for more than 30 years, Sabido sought sanctuary with the church after Immigration Customs Enforcement denied her most recent stay of removal request on May 11, 2017. Facing...

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Henry Rollins ain’t in it for the scenery: An interview with the Black Flag punk rock icon, actor, and author

If ever there was a black hole masquerading as a human, that phenomenon is Henry Rollins. Nothing can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole’s event horizon, and similarly, no one can sidestep the thrall of Rollins’ ferociously present storytelling. Both absorb matter at an alarming rate, and each slows time – though...

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Kyle Hollingsworth on String Cheese and home brewing

Kyle Hollingsworth is a practice-makes-perfect kind of musician. Hollingsworth is the keyboard player for longtime Colorado-based jam band stalwarts String Cheese Incident, and also has a handful of solo releases under his own name. He’s a lifelong student of the instrument, and what started as a typical scenario of “kid...

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What’s new: “Digital Garbage,” Mudhoney

I think it is safe to say that fans of music – true fans, not the casual listening, “only really put music on in the background” sort of music fan, but the sort that travel to see their favorite bands play live, buy physical releases on new release day, or read locally written music reviews – likely have a running list of...

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It’s time to Get the Led Out

You missed your chance to see Led Zeppelin. The famed English rock band knocked it out of the park between 1968 and 1980 with nine official records, some live releases and compilations, and shows in venues that ranged from theatres to stadiums, but called it quits following the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980. Yes, there...

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All hail the under-appreciated sound people

The sound person: they are the unsung heroes of the music scene, and an under-appreciated aspect of the live and studio music experience. In the studio, you could have many people, along with the musicians, all working on making that final product just right. On stage, it’s sometimes just one person tucked away in another...

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What’s new: Various releases

One of my favorite ritual pastimes, which began as a preteen, was loitering after school in one of a handful of local records stores each and every Tuesday to celebrate new release day. For those of you who are too young to remember, new release day was the weekly influx of new stock, new PHYSICAL music releases, at your...

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