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2019 round-up of Telluride festivals you should find time to go to

Telluride really knows how to put on a festival. In fact, they know how to put on festivals that draws national attention and visits from stars like Matthew McConaughey and Melissa McCarthy. So if you’re a big fan of art, skiing, film, dogs, mushrooms, you name it – you should probably check out one of these many, many badass...

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What’s new: Glenn Jones, “The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar”

While some of you may be lamenting the summer coming to a close, music fans can take solace in the current ramp-up of new releases in advance of the fall tour season. This coming Friday is no exception, with a handful of anticipated releases across a smattering of genres dropping just in time for the weekend. Fans of...

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iAM Music is back – with a scheduling twist

The staff at iAM Music have always thought big. The organization was only a couple of years old when they fired up the iAM Music Festival in 2015, and it quickly grew to encompass multiple days and multiple stages along Main Avenue. At one point, iAM had nine stages that hosted 28 bands, and the festival ran over three or...

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Nicki Minaj won’t be performing in Denver – or anywhere else

Sorry, Barbies. You’re going to be waiting a while to party with queen Nicki Minaj. Originally scheduled to hit Denver’s Pepsi Center on November 6, that show, along with her entire North American tour, has been canceled, as announced by LiveNation early Wednesday and confirmed by the superstar. As for the reasoning, the...

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Travis Scott and his massive new record are headed to Denver

If mainstream hip-hop is your jam, it’s been a pretty solid year for you when it comes to mainstream releases. Kendrick Lamar got that Disney movie and curated a very good “Black Panther” soundtrack, Kanye West’s mixed bag of releases gave us Pusha T’s “Daytona” and the Kids See Ghosts release, Drake put out two records worth...

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What’s new: Claw Marks, “Hee Hee”

PNKSLM (aka Punk Slime) Recordings is a label out of Stockholm, Sweden, that recently celebrated a fifth year of churning out a slew of great records from an artist roster that includes Swampmeat Family Band, Al Lover, Spice Boys, Holiday Ghosts, and Beach Skulls, just to name a mere few.

The latest release from their...

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Tea with Cinnamon

Patty Templeton believes in making tea, not war. Chat with her on Twitter via @PattyTempleton.

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Screw Insatiable – watch these coming of age tales instead

You’ve only got one life to live, so try not to waste it by watching Netflix’s new dark comedy, Insatiable. It’s the tale of Fatty Patty, played by Debby Ryan, an overweight, bullied teen trapped in the throes of a high school pecking order in which she is at the very bottom – that is, until she gets punched in the face, has...

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Time to get a little hot at Meltdown on the Mesa

There are two kinds of music festivals. There’s the listening festival, which attendees go to for the music. The fans are generally well-behaved and respect when bands are on stage. Then there’s the hoot and holler festival, which adds to the music a grand social aspect, making the event about much more than just the acts...

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Art meme to micro fiction: the visual art of David Holub

David Holub’s got one fist of whimsy and the other of steel, if the right one don’t getchya the other one will. The former editor of DGO has gone rogue; he’s now a member artist at Studio &, creating visual art anchored in narrative. Holub’s work wants to pleasantly provoke you into being present, and it will.


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What’s new: Tomberlin, “At Weddings”

Tomberlin is the shortened recording moniker of Louisville, Kentucky-based musician Sarah Beth Tomberlin. “At Weddings” is Tomberlin’s debut full-length under the Omaha, Nebraska-based indie record label, whose roster includes Hop Along, Bright Eyes, Big Thief, Rilo Kiley, and Cursive, along with recent additions like Stef...

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If I Had a Hammer

Patty Templeton believes art can be revolutionary even when not overtly political. America needs art. Hit up Templeton on Twitter via @PattyTempleton or over by instagram.com/pattytempleton.

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Asleep at the Wheel ain’t been gettin’ no sleep

They’ve been a band for 48 years. Not an on-again, off-again outfit that has broken up numerous times amidst tabloid-worthy squabbles and an overdose or two, only to reform to play underwhelming sets at an overwhelming price, but an outfit that writes the songs, releases a record every couple of years, and is consistent when...

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