Performing Arts

Covering Durango’s theater, dance, and performing arts scene.

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Snowdown events you won’t want to miss

Snowdown is upon us and this year’s theme is A Black Tie Affair, and the chilly...

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Secrets build bridges, not walls: Talking with PostSecret’s Frank Warren

Every heart holds a shadow, and if you’re fortunate, there’s a spark in that...

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Darker plays, political work, and staged readings: Chatting with the DAC’s new artistic director

After an international search, the Durango Arts Center found its new artistic director in...

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Shaky voices and no notes: Two years of The Raven Narratives

Everyone has at least one story inside them worth a public telling: That time the stream of...

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'Welcome to Night Vale': Show co-creator Jeffrey Cranor, on masterminding a hit podcast, storytelling, and new projects

“A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious...

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A dreamy shadow show in downtown Durango: Miwa Matreyek performs at DAC

A shadow woman walks and a forest sprouts from her steps. This same shade stands against a...

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The state of Durango arts

Durango is booming with fascinating people making remarkable art. DGO wanted to find out what...

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‘Rock of Ages’: DAC’s bringing 80s glam rock to Durango

Ladies, gents, and all betwixt, pull out your neon spandex, tease and Aqua Net that hair into...