Performing Arts

Covering Durango’s theater, dance, and performing arts scene.

Ar 170209980

‘People like this actually exist’

With the ever-growing popularity of organic foods, tiny houses, urban farming and the like, it...

Ar 170209963

The Follies weren’t her thing, until she found herself in it

Last year during Snowdown, I got a surprise message from my friend Lacey Black saying she had...

Ar 170209996

Astonishing! Fantastic! Intergalactic! Snowdown events!

Come ye aliens, avatars, and adventurers, Snowdown 2017 is here! Put on your cardboard robot...

Ar 170129721

Drag meets Cards Against Humanity

The delicious, divine, boldly eyebrow-lined Alice Glamoure takes over Moe’s, 937 Main...

Ar 170129722

Mountaintop realness at Purg’s Winter Pride Fest

She’s large, in charge, and hella jazzy. The indomitable Latrice Royale will spill tea...

Ar 170129999

For Garrett Lebeau, it’s less about showmanship and more about subtlety

It’s a simple approach to making music. No tricks. No frill. Just honest songs void of...

Ar 170119536

Fiery robots descend on the Telluride Fire Festival

Glass blowing, fire spinning, aerial silks, and blazing robots – these wonders and more...

Ar 161119569

Henry Strater to deliver the comedy

With the current political mood the way it is and with that onslaught of holiday cheer about...