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Comedian Paula Poundstone in Durango: ‘Most people who type ‘LOL’ are lying’

Paula Poundstone doesn’t look like anybody else. She’s usually garbed in bright...

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Are there double standards for funny females?

There are three basic breeds of female stand-ups. First: The women whose routines are...

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‘You have to find your identity outside of acting in order to survive’

Acting is one of the most competitive, belittling, exhausting lines of work you can possibly...

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A guide to regional summer theater

Here’s a roundup of all the local and regional theater you shouldn’t miss,...

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A summer theater professional talks shop

Plenty of people are proud musical-haters, but Taylor Marrs loves the cheesy, feel-good nature...

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A mime speaks: ‘I’m only allowed to not talk ... Everything else is free game.’

If you’ve ever seen a mime walking around Durango, there’s a good chance...

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Despite my fear of clowns, I had the mime of my life

“Do you have five minutes?” my boss’ boss asked me late in the workday...

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‘Personal Rituals’ at Durango Dance

Even though we’re told the world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to technology,...