Performing Arts

Covering Durango’s theater, dance, and performing arts scene.

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Talking with Tatanka Means

Tatanka Means is a Native American actor, stand-up comedian and motivational speaker from...

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Imaginario Circus promises aerials, burlesque and dancing

Friday’s Imaginario Circus production boasts a fire-thrower, aerial fabric routines, a...

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There’s gonna be a hoedown in Mancos

There’s nothing like spending a Saturday night at a good old-fashioned hoedown. And, if...

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What’s the deal with comedy and clothing?

Allow me to improv, as Style Fetish considers just a few of my favorite ways from the past...

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The violent and erotic ‘Trojan Women: A Love Story’ at FLC

“Trojan Women: A Love Story” is provocative, erotic, sensual, grimy and dirty....

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A few things you might not know about acting

Being overly intellectual can actually become a hindrance if you’re acting....

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Want to have a career in the arts?

Plenty of young people hope to foster a burgeoning career in the arts – but it’s...

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Alice in Glamour Land

Men have been dressing up as women for a very long time. Female impersonation dates back to...