Visual Arts

The coolest visual artists and issues in the Four Corners.

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Odd Rot #15: ‘Do you understand?’

Patty Templeton was trespassing on a decaying bridge in the middle...

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Baring it all: How the burlesque spotlight is helping return the power to performers

“Burlesque and performing are one of the few places that I feel safe to be sexy and to...

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Odd Rot #14: “Coffee Blues”

Patty Templeton can’t stop listening to

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Odd Rot #13: “Been Down too Long”

Patty Templeton is swaying at her work desk to

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Odd Rot #11: “Hanging on the Telephone”

Patty Templeton believes in magic-making and dancing and having a...

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Talkin’ about the Mancos Creative District with Sarah Syverson

Blink while driving and you’ll pass through Mancos without noticing it, which would be...

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Odd Rot #10: “Dead Souls”

Patty Templeton knows that a tiny rat dog won’t complete...