Visual Arts

The coolest visual artists and issues in the Four Corners.

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Odd Rot #9: ‘I’m a Hungry Man But I Don’t Want Pizza’

Patty Templeton just read the lyrics to “

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Odd Rot #8: “Cuts You Up”

Patty Templeton has a hard time not falling in love with folks who...

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Odd Rot #7: “Workin’ on my rewrite, that’s right”

Patty Templeton writes dark Americana in addition to penning...

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Odd Rot #6: “Dance Around the Daggers”

“Dance Around the Daggers”

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Odd Rot #5, “Don’t Bring Me Down”

“Don’t Bring Me Down”

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Odd Rot #4: “So This is Christmas”

“So This is Christmas”

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Odd Rot #3, “As Long as There are Tacos in the World”

“As Long as There are Tacos in the World”...