Visual Arts

The coolest visual artists and issues in the Four Corners.

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Odd Rot #2, “When I Got the Music”

“When I Got the Music”

Patty Templeton is...

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Odd Rot #1, “Burning Hatred”

Patty Templeton is a coffee fiend who bides her time drawing...

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Durango holiday art markets: Get creative with your holiday shopping and leave Walmart, Amazon out of it

OH CRAP. Tis the season of finding gifts that don’t suck and don’t break the...

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Durango street style: Native pop art jewelry

Cassandra L. is explosively colorful. She mixes patterns and vivid colors with chic abandon....

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Durango’s rock star designer

If you happen to pass Donny Phillips, say, in the bread aisle at City Market, you might see...

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Candlelight: A Celebration of Halloween showcases dark art

Greetings, ghouls! The bats are loose, jack-o-lanterns roll willy-nilly in the streets, and...

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Get outta town: Museum of International Folk Art

What the folk is going on here? Are those quilts from southwest China? Ayup, and you can see...

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McCarson Leigh’s dramatic, dreamy nude photography

McCarson Leigh is an archivist of the secret self. She’s a curator of the unclad....