Visual Arts

The coolest visual artists and issues in the Four Corners.

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Durango street style: Handmade jewelry and dress pockets

When you meet Crystal Hartman, you get the feeling that she is not of this earth. She’s...

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Pat Hickman: Art with animal guts

Pat Hickman’s art has an expansive beauty. It’s uncluttered, thoughtful, and...

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Peggy Cloy, the heart that drives Willowtail

Peggy rolled into Mancos 25 years ago from Seattle, having experienced the spoils of a...

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Get outta town: The psychedelic caves of Ra Paulette

Ra Paulette is a sculptor who carves intricate designs into New Mexico sandstone caves....

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The state of Durango arts

Durango is booming with fascinating people making remarkable art. DGO wanted to find out what...

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Get outta town: Allan Houser Sculpture Garden

Allan Houser was a Chiricahua Apache artist well known for his modernist sculptures and...

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What is beautiful? (And how do you know?)

You could die at 90 in a comfy bed, and if you never study aesthetics, you could still live a...

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DGO’s picks in and around Durango

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