Articles by: Jaime Becktel

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Igniting profound empathy and action: The power of documentary films

Soft guitar music adds to the depth of the moment as I look into her kohl-rimmed eyes framed...

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Michael Franti: A rocker with a soul

Since 1994, Michael Franti, a San Francisco-based singer-songwriter, musician, poet, filmmaker...

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Transcendent and electric: Remembering David Bowie

It’s early and I’m drinking coffee in the sun when a friend shoots me the...

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Love it or hate it: Flying

Love it

I dig flying. Air travel is my ticket to ride to far-flung places of...

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Falling in love with ‘Star Wars’ all over again

I like movies that swell the heart with some kinda wonderfulness, jiggling cells on their axis...

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Love it or hate it: Bluegrass

Love it

I’ve got nothing but backwoods Louisiana and rural southeast Texas in my...

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Love it or hate it: The beach

Love it

I was one of those mermaid babies who took to the sea with the familiarity of a...

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High Ass Recipe: California Toast

Growing up in California I was a fat, glossy, lucky little child with a large avocado orchard...