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An indecent proposal: A former Durango resident finds love – and lust – on the set of socially responsible erotic films

It’s not uncommon for couples to capture their marriage proposal on video. Still, very few pop the question during the filming of an erotic spoof of a public service announcement on anal sex – especially an award-winning one.

“Remy” is an editor, cameraman, and occasional actor for Spark Erotic, a Denver-based adult...

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Wanderlust: Nerdin’ out at New York Comic Con

I went to New York Comic Con (NYCC) because, why not? It was fun. New York Comic Con is one of the biggest cons in the country. The other huge one is San Diego.

New York Comic Con, it’s in the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. It used to fit in the convention center, years ago, but now, half of the stuff isn’t even in...

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