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Feeling glum about how you look? Try getting naked

When many of us wake up and look in the mirror, we don’t love what we see. And that can be a problem.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, people with negative body image, regardless of gender, are more likely to develop an eating disorder and suffer from feelings of depression, isolation, low...

Boon’s in Farmington features Thai barbecue and friendly atmosphere

Did you know that Farmington has a Thai barbecue place?

I didn’t – but then again up until recently, I hadn’t really explored the city’s downtown area. I’ve always been content shopping among the chains and big box stores on the northeastern side of town, venturing further south on trips to specifically visit Three...

Nemesis 5 Esports brings gaming arena to Four Corners

Are you a serious, competitive video gamer? Do you also need to get out of the house and at least be in the same room with some other people?

If so, Nemesis 5 Esports, Farmington’s new gaming facility might appeal to you.

According to the Durango Herald, the gaming arena officially opened on Nov. 22 and features...

Durango’s cheesesteak stand strives for authentic South Philly experience

If you’ve walked through downtown Durango around lunchtime between October and May, you’ve probably noticed the cheesesteak guy.

Tom Corrado’s stand, located these days in the parking lot of the Elks Lodge on Ninth Street and East Second Avenue, might not look like anything to write home about. But fans of regional fast...

Just-opened Mexican restaurant Mi Ranchito plans to stay open late

Pub crawlers, shift workers, and general night owls, rejoice! A new Mexican restaurant in downtown Durango plans to stay open late.

In an interview with the Durango Herald, restaurateur Jamie Lariz said he hopes to keep Mi Ranchito open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays starting in January. Occupying the former home...

Looking for chocolate? Creede has a festival for that

A rational person would use the two days after Thanksgiving to take it easy and eat light, leftover-based meals. Here’s an alternative: gorge on dessert.

Over the past few years, Southwest Colorado’s chocolate festivals have been vanishing. Durango’s impressive Chocolate Fantasia, a fundraiser for Volunteers of America,...

E.T. research now officially has a grad program

Ever want to search for space aliens ... from within the rigorous confines of scientific academia? Now you can.

Scientific American’s Sarah Scoles reports that after testing one out last year, Pennsylvania State University has officially added a graduate-level class on searching for extraterrestrial...

Indigenous, LGBTQ-friendly Albuquerque brewery opening Farmington taproom

Farmington fans of craft beer rejoice – your local options are growing rapidly.

Up until Lauter Haus Brewing Co. joined the scene in October, Farmington was a one-brewery town, with only Three Rivers brewery to slake its thirst. Come early 2020, however, a third brewery, Bow & Arrow Brewing Co., will join them, at...

Florida Weisse: Taking a trip to the Sunshine State without ever leaving Denver

The Great American Beer Festival is true to its name, bringing together beers from everywhere in America, including places you wouldn’t necessarily think of as amazing beer-producing regions.

The festival groups breweries into nine geographical territories. Loosely, sometimes – the Paciific has precisely one brewery...

An indecent proposal: A former Durango resident finds love – and lust – on the set of socially responsible erotic films

It’s not uncommon for couples to capture their marriage proposal on video. Still, very few pop the question during the filming of an erotic spoof of a public service announcement on anal sex – especially an award-winning one.

“Remy” is an editor, cameraman, and occasional actor for Spark Erotic, a Denver-based adult...

Wanderlust: Nerdin’ out at New York Comic Con

I went to New York Comic Con (NYCC) because, why not? It was fun. New York Comic Con is one of the biggest cons in the country. The other huge one is San Diego.

New York Comic Con, it’s in the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. It used to fit in the convention center, years ago, but now, half of the stuff isn’t even in...

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