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Articles by: Jessie O’Brien

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Carving a path

Carver Brewing Company may not have been the first craft brewery in Colorado, but the brewpub has still had its share of firsts. From putting out the first fruit beer to utilizing wind power in the brewery, Carvers has always been an innovative leader in the industry.

First Durango coffee...

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The beginnings of Durango’s first brew pub

It’s hard for Coloradans to imagine a world before craft beer. The state is home to 10 percent of the nation’s breweries and only 2 percent of the population. The craft is celebrated with notable festivals such as The Great American Beer Festival and The Colorado Brewers’ Festival, among many others. There’s no doubt Colorado...

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Exploration 101

The tricky part of making a list of hidden outdoor spots is that they are hidden, and if you do know of a secret gem, why would you want to share?

“How about the advice that I give to people who decide that they want to avoid the ants-in-a-line mob scenes that are Ice Lakes and Chicago Basin,” said Mark Winkworth, San...

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The best ways to camp with booze

A crucial tool for surviving in the outdoors is alcohol, which can be bulky and inconvenient to carry in cans and bottles. Luckily, there are some items to bring with you to the middle of nowhere that are durable, dependable, and keep your booze drinkable. And here they are:

Marsupial style...

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The essential (and mostly affordable) home bar booze

Having a home bar stocked with beautifully bottled spirits is far classier than storing a half-drunk 1.75-liter bottle of Hornitos with 99 cent bargain-barrel flavored shooters on top of the fridge. It’s time to grow out of the college ways and build a home bar fit for Don Draper. Keep in mind that it is an investment to...

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Cheap Eats

Living in Durango means having to sacrifice some of life’s luxuries in order to afford it. Luckily, that sacrifice doesn’t have to be a good meal, because as hefty as your rent bill may be, your restaurant bill shouldn’t have to be weighed on a truck scale if you’re smart about where you eat. Here are some thrifty bites you...

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Outdoor activities for novices

Not everyone in Durango has a house full of skis, kayaks, slack lines, and ice picks. Outdoor activities are daunting for those who are more used to city streets and the inside of bars, but Durango offers beginner-friendly trails, peaks, and routes for those who want to try something new without having to be in tire-flipping...

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Dodging death

Being an outdoor fanatic doesn’t come without extreme risk. Bodies are pushed to their limits, and minds require the ability to react and improvise when the weather turns or something goes wrong. These stories, from locals who have had brushes (or, perhaps tickles) with death in Durango’s wild outdoors, are proof that no...