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If walls could talk

The thick stench of spray paint and quiet hiss of the can are barely noticed under the cover of night. The artist moves quickly, painting bright broad strokes with expertise on the brick wall as he keeps an eye out for headlights. It’s only a matter of minutes before he’s done with his masterpiece and off into the cloaked...

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Summer jams, round 1

We asked Fort Lewis College Community Radio KDUR (91.9 FM and 93.9 FM) DJs for two or three song suggestions off their essential summer playlist. Having them narrow it down to two was a challenging request, but the end result is an eclectic, laid-back compilation of tunes to play at your next backyard BBQ. Listen to part one...

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Fortaleza dreams on a Cuervo budget

If you’re like me, you want to order a tequila so high up on the shelf that a sherpa is forced to guide the bartender up a gd ladder to get to it. But, if you’re ALSO like me, you can’t afford top shelf (or a sherpa). Still, that moths-flying-out-of-my-wallet money issue doesn’t stop me from occasionally indulging in my...

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The sweet sounds of The Wailin’ Jennys

The honey-dipped harmonies of the The Wailin’ Jennys will give you a toothache, but don’t let their sweet songs fool you – these women are true badasses. The Canadian trio – Nicky Mehta, Ruth Moody, and Heather Masse – have bushwhacked their own path through the music industry. They’ve won accolades; their latest album,...

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Spend a day in the ’70s

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story said the world’s largest rising organ was at Gold Slipper. It should have stated that the organ was at Cat and Fiddle. The story also stated that the mountain bike was invented in 1988. The correct year is...

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The Last Shoemaker

Mervin Stilson’s basement studio space is warm in the summertime. A humming fan barely cools the muggy air. The cracking walls expose the stone foundation, like an Old World building in Prague. Stilson works among other artists, their tools, material, and artwork, including a portrait of himself in fishing gear. At his...

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A little insight on a little instrument

Those who don’t play music tend to be intimidated by the complexity of it, like learning a foreign language or physics. But, unlike the guitar, the unassuming four-string ukulele is approachable.

“If you just want to learn something, in 5 minutes you will be playing a song, and it’s inexpensive,” said Denise Leslie,...

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Lost and Found: A sea of donations at the Humane Society

I’d rather listen to Styrofoam being pulled out of a cardboard box than deal with the helpless feeling of losing something. My nana was more important to me than anyone else in the world. She died last year, and other than my memories, I have a few items of hers that are meaningful to me. You can probably imagine my panic...

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Meow Wolf throws a music fest

It was a natural progression for Meow Wolf, a Santa Fe art collective, to throw a music festival. The interactive art exhibit, The House of Eternal Return, serves as a psychedelic stage for bands on weekend nights. In the past, the group has been commissioned to make installations for multiple mainstream festivals, and music...

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Strange Santa Fe Getaway

On the surface, Santa Fe lives up to its stereotype. As if on cue, a tumbleweed rolls past the car as you pull into town, much like something off of “The Truman Show.” Each low-slung beige adobe house is adorned with a lacquered ristra. Behind the windows of the Historic Santa Fe Plaza, there are an abundance of expensive...

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Durango’s strange nature

Living in the mountains sparks an inevitable interest and intrigue int the world around you. Electric light shows during a monsoon season storm, whiteout blizzards, torrid summer suns, and wildfires are a constant reminder of Mother Nature’s power, which we have little control over. Maybe that’s why living in Durango gives us...

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The dark humor of Dave Sipe’s roadside sculptures

Walk into folk artist Dave Sipe’s art museum and you’ll find that wild, bulbous eyes and wide, crooked smiles surround you on all sides, as does the prominent smell of fresh-cut wood.

Sipe has been carving these oddball figures with a chainsaw for the past 35 years. His large property sits right off U.S. Highway 160...

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