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Giggle fits: Why weed and comedy are a good pair

Peas and carrots. Sonny and Cher. Weed and comedy. The two are the likeliest of bedfellows because of one commonality: laughter. Side-splitting, uncontrollable giggles are one of cannabis greatest benefits. As soon as you think you’ve got a hold of yourself, it strikes again in full force, with no end in sight....

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Wanderlust: A lesson in overpacking

My sister is a notorious over-packer, so when we went on a backpacking trip through Europe, I wasn’t surprised that she packed a pirate chest with a couple dinky wheels. It would have been more practical to pack a wheelbarrow.

I was the one who was punished for her over-packing, and had to hoist the pallet of belongings...

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Nacho tour

Nachos have been slightly ignored because of their cousin, the taco, stealing the limelight. But nachos, like tacos, burgers, pizza, and sushi, deserve the same recognition as these other high-profile, meme-worthy meals. Nachos are equally as diverse, and while we do not name all the nacho styles – like the Irish nachos or...

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Love it or hate it: Hot yoga

Love itThe first time I did hot yoga was at a Bikram studio in my early-20s. After powering through my nausea in the 90-minute class in 105-degree heat, I drank the Kool-Aid. My thoughts have since changed about Bikram. The intense heat seems slightly masochistic, and the consistent routine...

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Baring it all: How the burlesque spotlight is helping return the power to performers

“Burlesque and performing are one of the few places that I feel safe to be sexy and to feel my curves – to feel whatever I want, really – with my body in movement, and to not fear that someone is going to take that as me asking for them to touch me,” said Sarah Wolf, a pole dancer and member of Pagosa Springs’ Bohemian...

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Love it or hate it: Chicken pot pie

Love itMy fear of chicken pot pie began in kindergarten. Mrs. Nelson had brought an incubator into the classroom and all of the p.m. class couldn’t wait for the cozy little eggs inside to hatch.

It was around this same time I went to my neighbors Annie and Johnny’s house for dinner....

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How to make the most of your Durango living space with any budget

There are three versions of wealth in America: the rich, those who have menial savings accounts, and the rest of us. The affluent have access to contractors and interior designers to build custom homes with high-end materials, fine furniture, and original works of art. The majority of Americans can save a buck by laying their...

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Love it or hate it: Eggs

Love it The only time I dislike an egg is when I get one with the scary blood spot in the yoke. Other than that, eggs are good in all other forms – poached, hard boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, over medium, or over hard. They are versatile. They are a healthy source of protein. They can be...

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Durango street style: Where function meets fashion

Originally from Orlando, Florida, Michelle Jensen moved to Durango to pursue her love of the outdoors and study adventure education at Fort Lewis College. Function dictates her style because on any given day, Jensen could be practicing acro yoga with a friend, climbing the spires of Bridger Jack Mesa, or chiseling her way up...

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