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Strain review: Glass Slipper, a strain fit for motivational royalty

This week, we’re reviewing a new strain from Prohibition Herb called Glass Slipper, and you should know that I want to make so many Cinderella references right now, but I will refrain. Just know that they’re looming in my head as I write this.

Prior to testing this ol’ girl out for our review, I had not encountered...

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Strain review: Lamb’s Bread and Strawberry Cough PHO Wax

Holy concentrate heaven, Batman. Did we hit the wax motherload this week.

Want some Lamb’s Bread PHO wax? We got Lamb’s Bread PHO wax. Or how about some Strawberry Cough? Yep, we got that to.

Or rather, Chronic Therapy has got it, cause that’s where the motherload came from. They just happened to share the wealth...

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Strain review: Blue Dream

If “chill” were a weed strain, it would be Blue Dream.

Some of you may already know that, because chances are, you’re familiar with this strain. It is, after all, one of the most beloved strains out there. But, just in case you aren’t in the know, let’s have an impromptu science lesson to get you up to speed....

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Strain review: Jabba OG – the THC is strong with this one

I am still stoned this morning. I am sitting at my desk while laughing at nothing and shoving gummy bears and my mouth. In other words, I am a damn disaster and it’s of the most epic, and fun, proportions.

I have Jabba OG to thank for this, by the way. Jabba OG is the strain we’re reviewing this week from Pagosa...

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Strain review: Sueno, the perfect combo of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel

A brand new little strain called Sueno is slated to hit the shelves at Prohibition Herb the day that this magazine drops on yo’ shelves (October 25, fools), and we got our hands on it well in advance to let you know our thoughts. We are lucky, lucky jerks.

You may or may not know much about Sueno, so lemme school you...

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Strain review: Tangie Power, a beefed-up sativa from Cortez’s Chronic Therapy

Anything with the word “power” in it is usually okay in my book. Pony power, infinite power, or Max Power (yes, that’s a random Simpsons reference). All of them are pretty fantastic versions of power. And, you know, the same goes for Tangie Power, the strain we’re reviewing this week from Chronic Therapy in Cortez.


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Strain Review: Doobiebird Daydream is my new weed boo

You guys...I think I’ve found my Pagosa Therapeutics sweet spot. You know how EVERY ONE of their strains has sent me to another dimension? Well. I’ve finally found one that sends me to Mars and not to the Mirror Universe. (It took me a long time to think of that. Don’t roll your eyes.) It’s a hybrid strain called Doobiebird...

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Strain review: Palm leaf blunts

There are always ways to fit in a Drake reference, and I will use those opportunities any time I can get them (see headline above). This week, we’re reviewing – you guessed it, thanks to that Champagne Papi lyric! – blunts.

But not just any blunts, you guys. Palm leaf blunts from Prohibition Herb, which are – you...