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Edibles review: Ceria Brewing Co.’s Grainwave Belgian-style White Ale, a THC-infused beer

Look what we managed to get our sticky pothead hands on: Ceria Brewing Co’s Grainwave Belgian-style White Ale, a THC-infused cannabis beer that was crafted by sir Keith Villa, the former brewmaster of Blue Moon. If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have missed that Villa left his post with MillerCoors earlier this year...

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Strain review: Legend of ’91

What do you get when you cross OG Kush with Chem ’91? A badass strain called Legend of ’91, which – surprise!! – we’re reviewing for you this week. You probably had no idea from the headline.

This strain, an indica with about 20.03 percent THC, is one of the new premium strains from Prohibition Herb, which means it was...

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Strain review: S99, a hybrid of Sage and Cinderella 99

Dry herb vapes are tricky beasts. They will never emit the amount of vapor that comes from, say, oil cartridges that fit in vape pens, so sometimes it feels like you aren’t inhaling anything.

The reason I bring that up is because that is precisely what happened to me while smoking S99, a strain of weed created by...

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Strain review: C99 live resin

Last night it felt like there were tiny electrical currents running through my cheeks. I know you’re probably side-eying the shit out of me right now, and that’s OK. I know what I felt.

And, that feeling came courtesy of some C99 from Chronic Therapy in Cortez. C99 – also known as Cinderella 99 in some cases – is a...

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Strain review: Luther’s OG

A couple days after Christmas, I hid in the garage and smoked entirely too much weed. I’d been stuck inside all day thanks to being inundated for hours by the snow, which had not ceased its downpour since the night before. My driveway was impassible – there was no point in snowblowing – and I couldn’t even leave for the...

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Strain review: Kandy Kush

Earlier this week, I smoked some Kandy Kush from Chronic Therapy in Cortez and I felt like the rumbling of the air purifier in the garage was vibrating through my legs. I am dead serious. Here’s what happened.

So, thanks to the snow and all that biz, I had to split the strain reviews with our other pot writer, Sir...

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Strain review: Granola Funk

It was probably not the best idea to smoke Granola Funk, one of the strains from Prohibition’s new premium line, at 10:30 p.m. on a Thursday night. But, for the sake of making deadline, I did it. I did it just for you guys. And now I am tired as f@!k and wanting to die. I blame you.

So, we’re on a perpetually short...

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Strain review: Pachamama Caviar

Let me tell you a true story about some weed.

So, over the weekend, I got a text from a good friend of mine that said, “What the hell did we smoke last night? Was it the 50 percent stuff? Indica?”

My response, verbatim: “Yep, it was that 50 percent weed. It’s a sativa hybrid so it’ll have some properties of an...