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Edible review: Jade & Jane’s Cupcakes

Cupcakes are delicious. Those tiny cakes are basically the epitome of all that is good in this world: sugar. There’s copious amounts of sugar in the frosting, copious amounts of sugar in the cake itself, and once you eat them, there’s copious amounts of sugar in your body. And you know what makes that sugar, glorious sugar,...

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Strain review: Sour Samoa shatter

The other day I ended up being super stoned at dinner, which was badass because I was high as a kite, but also slightly embarrassing when my limbs and lips stopped working. The reason I was so stoned was because I’d decided to indulge in a little Sour Samoa shatter from The Green House prior to sitting down at the table, and,...

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Edibles review: Infusiasm 200mg CBD/10mg THC tincture

To say that there’s been interest in CBD lately would be to make the world’s biggest understatement. CBD oil and tinctures are freaking everywhere, from being pushed by MLMs on Facebook to the aisles of Walgreens. Still, while there may be a crushing market for CBD, not all products are created equal. Some of the CBD products...

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Strain review: Afghan Ghost

You should probably not watch the haunted car episode of “Paranormal Survivor” while stoned, cause it will lead you to think that Mötley Crüe’s frontman is possessing a badass red IROC-Z and you will end up laughing uncontrollably at someone’s ghostly Camaro pain.

You’ve probably gathered that this is a scenario that...

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Strain review: Cheese Train Haze

Have you ever smoked a bowl with a friend and looked over at them and noticed that they had that look on their face, the one where it’s like, “I’m stooooooooooooned,” and their entire face seems to be melting? And then you feel your own face melt, probably in part because seeing their melting face set you off? Yeah, that...

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Edibles review: Newt Bros Truffles

I do not have the best relationship with edibles. It’s not their fault, mind you – it’s mine. I’m terrified that I’ll eat an edible and end up with my arms becoming useless floppy noodles that won’t even grab a cupcake to satiate the munchies. It’s happened before, clearly.

Given that I become a numb-limbed Gumby-human...

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Strain review: Bubba x Phishhead

Something great came out of smoking the flower that The Green House sent over for this week’s review. Somewhere between lighting up a bowl of Bubba x Phishhead and smoking said bowl came the phrase, “That’s how you know it’s good, when you get a little bit of a disease from it.” That phrase was followed by a cacophony of...

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Strain review: Sour Cherry Shatter

I have company in town, and one of the things I like to do when I have company in town – provided they are folks who imbibe – is get their unbiased opinion on what we’re reviewing that week. It’s always nice to have someone other than me weigh in. I do this stuff on the reg and it’s nice to have a well-rounded review. My...

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Strain review: Double Bubba

Have you ever smoked a strain that immediately rendered you useless, with your eyes cloudy and unfocused and your brain, well, equally cloudy and unfocused? Sure you have. So have we, and for us, that was Double Bubba, an indica heavy strain that smells like wet earth and sour candy. Needless to say, we loved it.


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Vape review: Airo Pro pen and cartridge

Every once in a while, it’s fun to be as big of a jerk as you can possibly be. In a SILLY way, mind you. I used this week’s review product, the Airo Pro pen and cartridge – a product formerly known as the IndigoPro, which has won a bunch of awards over the years at the Cannabis Cup – to do just that.

How did I act...

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Premium pre-rolls are proof that variety is the spice of life

Variety is the spice of life, so they say. And that mantra can be fitting for just about anything: relationships, food, or cannabis.

Yes, I do mean cannabis. I know we all have our favorite strains – I’m unabashedly up the proverbial ass of the strains formerly known as Gorilla Glue or Girl Scout Cookies – but sometimes...

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Strain review: High Tech Concentrates cartridges

Every once in a blue moon, I will find a product I really super love, even though on paper it should be just like every other one out there. That happened to me this week with Pagosa Therapeutics’ High Tech Concentrates cartridge, which is 500 milligrams of THC goodness.

Pagosa has been working with High Tech to create...

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