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A classy lady’s guide to preparing for the apocalypse

The first (and only) time I’ve ever watched “Apocalypse Now,” I was on a substance I’d rather not name. It was college, aka the time when doing stupid things on the regular was the only way to live. I spent the entire first half of the movie ranting and raving that it wasn’t accurately depicting a real apocalypse (clearly...

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The down and dirty guide to keeping your 2019 resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we sit down and decide the many ways in which we’re going to change. Losing weight, keeping our commitments, quitting smoking, spending more time outdoors, changing careers; no matter what it is, a brand new year is capable of motiving us as nothing else can. Well, until mid-February comes...

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Throw a killer backyard bash this Labor Day

They say that Labor Day is the official end of summer. “They” obviously don’t live in Durango, because otherwise they’d know September is the best month of the year. Still it sounds like a pretty good excuse to throw a killer backyard bash. And, just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, either. Here...

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What the Fork: Pro-tip – You should be overcooking your chicken

I had a revelation recently, and you might not agree with me. After all, everyone knows not to overcook chicken. No one wants to fight over the bottle of barbecue sauce just so they can choke down a dry, chewy piece of meat. But bear with me here: I’m not actually talking about boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Those lean...

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