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Quest for the best breakfast burrito for days you’re hurrying in to work

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but when you’re racing out your door, desperate to make it into the office before 9 a.m. and you can barely open your eyes because the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet, it’s also the most convenient meal of the day to skip. Trying to shovel food down your gullet without...

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Hindsight 20/20: Durango artist Dan Groth reflects back on his coloring book he created during the 2016 election

A woman emerging from water alongside a multi-headed sea monster. An enraged bird shaking his fists at the sun. A mustachioed train coming across a dying dog. The year 2016 was a weird year for everyone, but especially for Durango artist Dan Groth, who released his adult coloring book that year.

When we reached out to...

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An ode to the beloved boozey beverages of Sunday brunch

We live for the weekend, but not because we want to paint the town red at night. Oh no. It’s all about brunch, kids. And you know what makes brunch so glorious? Well, we’re glad you asked. Yes, the bread pudding, eggs Benedict, and chicken and waffles are to die for, but it’s the booze-filled beverages that can make or break...

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Local artists’ best approaches to giving their clients a good tattoo

Every tattoo artist has a unique way of sinking their needle into someone’s skin. Different styles. Different focuses on detail. Different interpretations. Still, most artists work with the same goals in mind: to make the customer happy and create a good piece of art.

We spoke to local artists about what they believe is...

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The worst tattoos local artists have seen over the years

Look. We’ve all made mistakes, and many of us have made bad decisions when it comes to permanently inking ourselves in a tattoo shop. Or a basement. Or a garage. Hey, we don’t know where you like to get your tattoos.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to live with those forehead-slapping tattoos for a while. On the other...

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Beneath the skin: Local tattoo artists reveal their most meaningful, quirky, or just plain worst tattoos

It’s hard to imagine a tattoo artist who isn’t covered in tattoos. Just try it. Can’t do it? Neither can we.

Tattoo artists are usually covered nearly from head to toe in an amalgam of colorful ink, and local artists are no exception.

Graceful Eye owner Joshua Barela estimated that tattoos cover nearly 80...

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‘Half of this town’s population still is certain today that it saw space ships’: Recalling the Farmington Armada UFO incident

Virgil Jerry Riggs was just 8 years old in 1950, but the young boy became one of the witnesses to see hundreds of saucer-shaped objects appear in the sky over Farmington, New Mexico.

The mass sighting, later known as the Farmington Armada incident, took place as the young child played outside during recess at Aztec...

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Diner dive of the week: Thick shakes and thicc burgers at Ben’s Big Burgers

Ben’s Big Burgers promises colossal-sized burgers that will make you feel thicccccc after devouring them, and boy, do they deliver.

We’d been eyeballing the divey-looking burger joint downtown on Second Avenue for weeks, but it wasn’t until one late afternoon, when we’d skipped our lunch hour at work, that our companion...

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