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The War on Drugs demonized shrooms but psilocybin is making a scientific and legal comeback

At a 1971 press conference, former President Richard Nixon famously described drug use as “public enemy number one in the United States.”

With an oppressive hand, the legal system began to target drug use under Nixon’s direction until he was forced to resign due to his own criminal behavior.

We know today that...

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Chang Thai Durango is the latest dubbed gold-at-the-end-of-your-chopsticks heaven

Last year I moved away from Suwanee Thai Cuisine, one of a handful of places worth eating at in central Nebraska, and there’s been a drunken noodles-shaped hole in my soul ever since.

The owner of Suwanee, a Thai native who named the restaurant after his wife, would take an annual trip back to Thailand every summer and...

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TEDxDurango will explore how speakers find the humor, even when life sucks

“My mission to control and predict had turned up the answer that the way to live is with vulnerability and to stop controlling and predicting.” With this realization, Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, launched into her 2010 TEDxHouston presentation, “The Power of...

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Our guesses for the Telluride Film Festival

Cannes. Toronto. Sundance. The Telluride Film Festival stands out as one of the most prestigious movie-showcasing events in the world.

Taking place in the small, romantic mountain town of Telluride, this Colorado film festival offers a unique backdrop of towering mountains and breathtaking vantage points. The walk...

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Dream Warriors are returning to Ignacio to raise up voices of new Native artists

There’s power in numbers and this month, a group of Indigenous artists is passing on that potential to new Native musicians looking to learn the craft.

KSUT is bringing the Awakening the Warrior Within program to Ignacio with the help of a $46,000 grant the radio station received from the Colorado Health Foundation. The...

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Party in the Park: The Motet is bringing funk and soul to Durango

It’s time to get funky, folks, and who else to help us get down than The Motet.

The soul and funk band is bringing their Speed of Light Tour to Durango Aug. 17 for KSUT Public Radio’s 16th annual Party in the Park – Buckley Park, to be exact. This seven-man band hails from Denver and, well guys, these righteous dudes...

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The Motet and Dream Warriors are bringing beats to Durango, Ignacio area

A few things are comin’ down the pipe this month in Durango’s music scene, all thanks to KSUT. Let’s just say they like to party hearty while inspiring young artists to make their mark on the world.

Party in the Park: The Motet is bringing funk and soul to DurangoIt’s time to get...

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Get outta town: The roadrunner in Las Cruces isn’t outsmarting Wile E. Coyote – it’s reminding you to recycle

Few things are as heartwarming as watching Wile E. Coyote attempt to capture the roadrunner by painting a fake landscape. The aggravatingly fast bird foils his plan every time by stepping through the painting as though it were real. It’s inevitable that Wile will get hit by a semi that was inside of the painting shortly...

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Is this alien drunk-flying their UFO?

It turns out, for all our pious depictions of extraterrestrials in films, aliens might not be as angelic as we’d like to think.

Back in July, a mysterious-looking aircraft that resembled a UFO was allegedly spotted hovering over somewhere in Mexico, according to KFI AM 640. The video was uploaded to YouTube, by RED...

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Facebook unjustly kills “Storm Area 51” event page, then brings it back

A social media event page that inspired more than 2 million people to come together and raid a highly classified military base was removed by Facebook in a clear miscarriage of online justice, then brought back to life after Facebook claimed the unpublishing was a mistake.

According to CNET, the “Storm Area 51” page was...

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A Denver roaster plans to offer magic mushroom coffee and tea

Black. Sugar-fueled. Just a tiny amount of half-and-half. Chai. We all like our morning beverages one way or another but Denver coffee roaster Strava Craft Coffee is going to start adding a little magic to their brews.

According to Westword, in July, Strava announced plans to offer psilocybin-infused coffee beans and...

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Vintage vacation trailers: A starlit night at Taos’ Hotel Luna Mystica

“Escape the grind and who will you find? Escape the grind and what will you find?”

These words echo in our heads as we pull up to the gravel parking lot of our humble abode for the evening, and it’s clear our stay here will be a break from the fast pace of every day life. It’s been a long, four-hour drive from Durango...

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