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Forrest Fenn’s death: A new twist to the hidden treasure debacle

It’s been a year of unraveling, one could say. A year where we do the big no-no of asking ourselves how things could possibly get weirder. After all, how could it get any worse?

It turns out, 2020 is not the year to test that question. After months of back and forths regarding an infamous treasure that was hidden in the...

Tsk, tsk. Colorado, the birthplace of legal marijuana, isn’t making the grade for medical marijuana access

Colorado, the birthplace of legalized marijuana, isn’t getting the cannabis grades it should be.

The state received a “B-” from Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a national advocacy group for cannabis, according to Westword. Just like a dreaded school report, ASA hands out grades on an A-F scale.

While Colorado...

Tattoo parlor and dispensary walk into a bar ... er, join forces to create killer strains and art

Snacks and weed go together like pepperoni and pizza. But you know what else goes well with the ganja? Tattoos.

Now that certain strains have big followings among stoners, dispensaries like Seed & Smith, a Denver shop, are getting creative with how they debut some strains. To do this, Seed & Smith is partnering...

Not over summer? Here are four Colorado beaches you should visit before the season ends

Winter is coming. Summer is ending. As such, it’s time to try to get all of your summer fun before it’s over and we’re stuck with snow. Again.

One of the worst parts about summer wrapping up, however, is that there will be no more visits to swimming holes and beaches. No more drinking hard seltzer in your tube. No more...

A new study shows that smoking reefer after hours won’t affect your work, so toke away, friends

If someone has the nerve to tell you that your marijuana use is screwing with your job, you now have the proof you need to tell them they are w-r-o-n-g.

In May, professors at Auburn and San Diego State universities published a study in which data was gathered from 281 employees and their direct supervisors. The study...

These weird local murders will give you the creeps

It was November 1985, when a passenger enjoying their time on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad caught sight of a disturbing scene that would completely upend their trip: a local business owner laying dead in the back of his truck, murdered. It turned out, that death was only the tip of the iceberg of a much...

Get virtually educated about ganja with this graduate certificate program in cannabis control

With the cannabis industry expanding and becoming more complex by the day, it’s important that those going into the field be fully knowledgeable of its full breadth. After all, it is the fastest growing industry in the U.S., according to Markets Insider.

Thankfully, institutions like Excelsior College, a regionally...

In Trinidad, to toke or not to toke — that is the question

If you know anything about the cannabis industry in Colorado, you’ve probably heard of Trinidad. It’s a small town with a population of just 8,000 people but home to 25 dispensaries which draws visitors from Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

“Cannabis coming to town got us out of the economic slump we were in. The...

4 Fascinating “Unsolved Mysteries” episodes that were solved

Content warning: This article includes descriptions of violence and murder.

“Unsolved Mysteries” is one of the greats. It’s a classic true crime and paranormal television show that, for many, inspired a lifetime obsession of the unexplainable....

“The Syndicate” podcast explores Colorado drug smuggling ring

When 2015 headlines broke that 32 people were arrested for their involvement in a marijuana growing and smuggling operation that stretched from Colorado to Minnesota, initial interest in Operation #GoldenGofer peaked and then quickly died down.

However, for former Westword writer Chris Walker, the story was far from...

Colorado ghost towns you should be haunting this summer

COVID is cramping our traveling plans. No summer vacation to Tokyo or road trip to New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival. What a downer 2020 has turned out to be.

This begs the question: How can we travel somewhere cool but still maintain social distancing and not potentially expose hundreds of people or get...

‘The treasure was found in Wyoming’: Forrest Fenn treasure drama continues

In light of the uproar around the discovery of a treasure chest he hid, Forrest Fenn has provided another clue as to the location of the controversial cache.

The treasure, worth an estimated $2 million, was found in Wyoming, announced Fenn, an 89-year-old Santa Fe author and artifact dealer.

“Because I promised...

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