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Treat yoself to a CBD-infused burger at Carl’s Jr. on 420

More and more national companies are seeing the light (aka the potential to make money) and jumping on the cannabis wagon.

Chain restaurant Carl’s Jr. is the latest in a line of well-known brands, including CVS Pharmacy, to offer a CBD-infused product, and in their case, it’s a burger. Well, to be more specific, it’s a...

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Beer lovers can now get a sip of Ska Brewing in Oklahoma

We have some good news for all you Oklahomans, or even those of you who are planning to visit Oklahoma and are yearning for a taste of something local.

Durango’s much beloved Ska Brewing is now expanding its reach to Oklahoma, according to Tulsa World, and is now shipping Mexican Logger as well as several other brews...

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Celebrate 420 and Budzzles Kickstarter at 11th Street Station

Come one, come all to celebrate Colorado’s favorite pastime this weekend. You know what I’m talking about – 420 is right around the corner and we are here for it.

On April 20, Joyful Nook, a Durango puzzle shop, is hosting a 420 party starting at 4:20 p.m. at 11th Street Station in downtown Durango.


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Premium pot pioneers: Genetics are what make Denver’s Rare Dankness stand out from the kief-covered crowd

You could sell top-shelf jewelry in House of Dankness, or perhaps even sleek Apple products or luxury purses, all while posing from behind the glass counter.

But alas, it is beautiful green buds and sugary concentrates – not high end shoes – that the man welcoming customers is selling at the Denver dispensary, located...

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Get outta town: Explore the mysteries of the Santa Rosa Blue Hole

In the middle of the New Mexico desert is a lake so blue it’s referred to as a “great blue gem.”

Welcome to the Santa Rosa Blue Hole, a lake and tourist attraction located along Route 66 just east of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The public swimming hole was created when a sinkhole caved in and, back in the olden days,...

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Your guide to April’s regional music round-up

Hey, fellow Coloradans and New Mexicans.

If you’re a music fan, it’s your lucky month because there are some sweet ass concerts coming to the region. You’ll probably want to head on over to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Durango ASAP to get your hands on tickets for some of these shows.

In Durango, we’ve got the 2019...

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Wrap your stoner brain around Joyful Nook’s marijuana leaf-shaped puzzles

Real talk: we’re all complete and utter idiots when we’re stoned. Still, just because you’re laughing like a hyena doesn’t mean you are lacking enough brain cells to put together a sweet marijuana leaf-shaped puzzle (which, to be fair, we should probably leave for when we’re sober).

For all you weed lovers out there,...

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Rubia’s real queso and fried cheesecake brought our entire table to happy tears

There’s this magical, rare, joyous moment when your eyes scan a menu and you land on an item that you haven’t tasted in so long. The very possibility of it being served on a plate in front of you almost becomes an emotional experience.

For me, this moment happened when my companions and I took an evening trip down over...

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Bad tattoo contest update: The final product

Way back when in November, we here at DGO Mag decided to offer up the opportunity for a few poor souls to right the wrongs of the terrible tattoos that were inked into their skin.

We worked with Black Mountain Tattoo in Cortez to snag one winner a free cover-up and Durango Dermatology to get another winner a free...

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Pennsylvania woman who blames alien cult for boyfriend’s death found guilty of murder

It should be a well-established factoid at this point of time that joining a cult tends to be a bad idea.

Case and point, “Smallville” actor Allison Mack’s involvement and charges related to the NXIVM cult that was, in Mack’s words, “designed to make [women “slaves”] and where women were branded.

In this case,...

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Happy World Autism Day! Medical marijuana officially approved for those with autism

If you or your loved ones has been diagnosed with autism and you live in Colorado, medical marijuana is now a feasible treatment option for you.

On April 2, World Autism Day, Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill 1028, officially adding autism spectrum disorder to the list of conditions that can be treated with medical...

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Lawmakers burn out hope for legal recreational weed in Montana

Sorry, all you stoners in Montana. Your elected officials have killed a bill that would have legalized recreational pot use in your state.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, the House Taxation Committee gave a thumbs down (12-6) last week to House Bill 770.

Those opposed cited increased traffic deaths and...

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